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Steps to Playing Your Piano Again

Hand Pressing On The Amh Logo

New Year, Playing the Piano Again Happy New Year to all of you from and the AMH team, we hope this year brings you prosperity and goodwill. They say that a new year is like a book, twelve chapters, 365 pages, so let us write a good one. Whether you were fortunate enough to receive … Continued

AMH Farewell 2020

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2021

2020! Oh, What a Year! As a nation, we can all agree that 2020 led us into a chaotic and strange year. If we think back to when our only worry would be making sure we remember our bags or a trolley token to have a pleasant supermarket shop instead of carrying a basket overloaded … Continued

3 of the Most Popular Christmas Piano Songs

Piano Lesson With Christmas Background

Top 3 Piano Christmas Tunes Christmas is just around the corner and one of lives pure luxuries around this special time is having our loved ones around to spend precious time with. At this time of year, we look back on the progress we have made and set goals for the next coming year, it … Continued

Christmas Present Ideas for Pianists and Musicians

Christmas Banner With A Fireplace Cat Sofa And Presents

What to Gift Something Musical This Christmas As this year is nearly at an end and the big day draws closer upon us, the nation is busily rushing around to fill the bottom of their trees with gifts however there are sometimes people who we tend to stump across with ideas for presents. Within this … Continued

How Does An Acoustic Piano Work?

Illustration Of Playing The Piano

Getting to Know Your Piano Better If you are looking at starting to play the piano or maybe you already do but have always wondered how pressing a key produces one of the lives most beautiful sounds, then this is the article for you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced pianist before … Continued

Who Invented the Piano?

Close Up Glossy Piano Keys

Introduction Whilst I could just jump in and tell you who invented the piano, I believe it would be more entertaining for the reader to discover the origins and how the piano came to be the most elegant instrument we have in our homes today. Every instrument falls under three categories based on how they … Continued

AMH: The 2021 London Marathon

2020 london marathon

The managing director of needs your help. Andy Howard and his fabulous wife Lucy are both registered blind. Andrew’s family regularly visit the Lion Swimming Club, with their two-year-old daughter Evie. As you know, young children require someone to watch them at all times, for what may seem to be easy for most parents; it … Continued

The History of the Blüthner Piano Company

Bluthner Hybrid Style Walnut Upright Piano Close Up Of Keys[1]

Blüthner Pianos Whenever it is about the piano industry, people refer to the “Big Four”. You might be wondering what the “Big Four” is, aren’t you? Big four refers to those four Top Piano industries which have been able to build their trust in the sector of their customers. The “Big Four” band refers to … Continued

The History of the Yamaha Corporation

017 Yamaha Black Straight Leg Grand Piano With Stool[1]

The Yamaha Corporation As human beings, we hold hectic schedules daily we crave for certain breaks throughout the day, which usually constitutes the aspect of entertainment. Every person holds his/her own choice of the distinction of entertainment. But, the most common among all of these is music. Do you enjoy music? What about some relaxing … Continued

The History of C. Bechstein

005 C Bechstein High Gloss Black Victorian Style Grand Piano[1]

C.Bechstein Pianos Pianos have always been not only a source of entertainment but also a Royalty for Royals. There are several grand and elegant pianos present in the palaces of the Royals. The Royals are quite conscious about the working, design and outlook of pianos. So, the fact is that they trust only one or … Continued