Discovering the historical aspects of Chappell and Co.

In the world of business, it is always a good strategy to inform your audience first and then persuade them to buy your product. When it comes to the piano industry, people who are looking for pianos are well aware of the characteristics and distinctions they are seeking for. A piano is a musical instrument … Continued

The Persistent Struggle Of Schimmel Pianos.

The piano industry is one of the big businesses. There are a number of piano brands around the globe which are able to provide their customers with the best. Every brand holds its own characteristics which makes it unique and amazing from the other brands. Among all those famous piano brands, one cannot neglect the … Continued

Overview of Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Piano music is one of the most trending and elevating industries in the world nowadays. Many people not only love to hear calming music of piano, but also want to learn it in the best way. Are you one of those? Do you like playing the piano? If you are interested in listening or playing … Continued

New World Record: 88 People Play The Same Piano At Once!

It’s always fun to hear when a new world record has been set, but it’s always a lot more exciting when it has to do with the wonderful world of music. And we’ve just heard that a new record has been set for the number of people playing one piano simultaneously, with 88 children aged … Continued

Duelling Pianos To Benefit US Boy Scouts

A group of boy scouts from the US are set to benefit from a fun and musical fundraising event. KHQA reported on the event that has been organised by the Mississippi Valley Council of Boy Scouts of America to raise money that will help local scout groups. The main attraction on the night will be … Continued

What About Playing On A Vertical Grand Piano?

The trouble with being a pianist is that you can’t pack your instrument up into a handy little bag and then be on your merry way. You’re limited to the practise room or concert hall, unfortunately – unlike those lucky wind instrumentalists who can take their oboes, flutes and clarinets with them wherever they go. … Continued

Historical Piano Makers in London

When working in London tuning pianos I am always interested in the history of pianos in the capital. At one time London was the center of piano manufacturing and I sometimes imagine what it must be like back in that time, when these companies were producing pianos for London and the world.   Below you … Continued