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Greenwich Professional Piano Services

At Greenwich Piano Removals, we have a skilled and dedicated team in Greenwich (Royal Borough of Greenwich), which provides professional piano servicing, tuning, repairs, restores, removals and we even have lots of pianos for sale. We have a superb reputation in providing low-cost piano services to domestic, charities, and business customers all across London.

If you have a piano in or around South East London with one or more issues, then our team will be able to provide you with a service that will be friendly and competitively priced, and we are renowned for delivering the results. It is common for us to be told by our customers that their piano has never sounded so good.

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Greenwich Piano Services – Piano transport, piano tuning and repairs in the borough of Greenwich , London

London Based Offices

AMH Pianos Services London has been operating across London for almost two decades, not only have we achieved a superb track record from our customers, we continue to thrive. We have multiple offices, workshops, and studios across London.

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We have private offices, workshops and studios in:

If you want to find out more about the services we offer, please check out London Piano Services.

Please note that our buildings are all private and not customer-oriented shops. Below are our current offices, and should you want an appointment, please get in touch with our team today. To book an appointment today, please call 020 8611 2787, or if you prefer, you can email us.

 Greenwich acoustic piano services . Piano repairs, restoration and piano removals

Greenwich piano removals and piano tuning

AMH Pianos Services London: What Do We Do?

When it comes to AMH Pianos Services London, there isn’t much our team can’t do. Below, you can find all the services we provide and how much they cost. If you would like to find out more information about a particular service, then please click the ‘Find Out More’ button.

We have also created a Greenwich piano services page.

Acoustic Piano Tuning

If your grand, baby grand or upright piano that has pitching and tone issues on one or more keystrokes, then you need to tune the piano. Unless you have the experience and specialist tuning hardware, it is not something we recommend our customers to try themselves.

Often DIY tuning can lead to additional costs if something breaks in the process, sometimes making adjustments can make the tuning worse off, and that can also lead to extra time our team needs to spend tuning.

Cost of Greenwich Piano Tuning

If you have a piano in the areas of Greenwich that requires a tuning, then we can arrange an inspection. It’s hard for us to give pricing over the phone since the time needed to tune varies from piano to piano, but to provide you with a rough estimate, on average, our customers pay between £90 and £150.

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Piano Repairs

We stock hundreds of parts in stock and should you need a repair on your piano the chances are we will be able to repair it on the sameday. We replace keys, strings, jacks, hammers, dampers, springs and even a wide range of peddles.

We repair, and fix all brands and all models, should they be jaw-dropping grand concert pianos, or the more familiar space saver upright piano.

Cost of Greenwich Piano Repairs

If you have a property in Greenwich with a faulty grand, baby grand or upright piano, then we can provide you with a quotation on any repairs you may need over the phone.

all our team on 07500 661581 and let our team know the symptoms of the problem you have. If we are unable to give a price over the phone, we will send one of our team members to your property which will allow them to tell you what the problem is, and how much it will cost before proceeding.

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Piano Removals

If you have a property local within the Greenwich area, with a piano that needs to be relocated from one address to another, or from room to room, then Greenwich Piano Removals is here to help you.

Our team is insured and have experience in moving even the most expensive of pianos, rest assured, your piano will be in the very best hands.

Cost of Greenwich Piano Removal Services

Pricing of our piano removal service varies depending on how accessible the building, e.g. is the piano on the ground floor or higher, does the piano need dismantling, and where the piano needs to go.

Greenwich Piano Removals will be able to provide you with a price generally within one working day, and if we are unsure, or you wish to have an approx price, then we will send one or more of our team members to inspect the property and the piano that you require moving.

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Piano Reconditioning

We restore, recondition and rebuild old pianos, giving them a fresh breath of life, and sounding just as good as it once did. We can restore old pianos that are close to or above 100 years old. We can replace parts, tune, treat wood, mend the interior and exterior fabrics and a lot more.

Cost of  Greenwich  Piano Reconditioning

The price of restoring an old piano to like new can be fairly costly, but worth it, if its a famous brand and model. We can not give prices over the phone with such jobs as the piano will need to be thoroughly inspected beforehand as giving you an estimate over the phone would either be too little or too much.

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Piano Servicing Service

If you want to keep your beloved piano in good condition and top performance, then a piano servicing is precisely the thing you want. We provide MOT style health checks on all mechanical pianos, and we will only recommend things when you need them.

Greenwich Piano Removals does not believe in selling or replacing parts if they still have a lot of life left in them.

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Used Pianos for Sale


We have many used pianos for sale listed on our website that our team will deliver to any London based address. All our pianos for sale are professionally tuned and thoroughly checked over before listing them on our website.Cost of our used Pianos

The cost of our used pianos varies depending on several factors which are the current condition, the age, model and brand, and the current average selling price. If you have any questions, then please get in touch without our team.

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AMH Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for visiting the piano FAQs page. We have compiled a list of the most common piano-related questions. Hopefully you will find the answers to your questions without having to call or wait for a email response.

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is a London based professional piano servicing company lead by . Our technicians are fully insured, DBS checked and are all highly qualified expert piano technicians with vast expertise.

Our years of experience goes hand-in-hand with excellent customer service, that ensures you receive the... utmost satisfaction for any individually tailored job. You just need to look at .

Professional Piano Repairs Services for London. Acoustic pianos are complex instruments, requiring hundreds of working parts for it to produce its beautiful sound. Unfortunately, with age and continued use, minor repairs or replacement parts may be needed in order for the piano to continue ...functioning optimally.

London Piano Removals for Greater London
Piano Removal Service In London.

If you are looking for a professional company to carry out piano moving, then look no further. London’s Local Piano Removal Services are experienced in moving all makes and models of pianos across the City.

Piano Restoration London Services
Piano Restoration London for both grand and upright pianos. We can provide all levels of piano restoration, including action rebuilds, keyboard fixing and full exterior refurbishment. Should you want a full pianos restoration covering all the aspects we have ...just mentioned, we can carry out all levels of piano restoration to suit your needs.

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Welcome to , we like to share a little bit of information about who we are and the services we provide throughout London. Andrew Martin Howard is the founder and managing director of our business.If you are looking to find a local piano tuner near me please on, Andy Howard moved to London and set up the business over 13 years ago.

Piano Move & Relocation Services in E2 Bethnal Green, Haggerston, Shoreditch, London.

Trust AMH Pianos Services London to responsibly handle the transport and relocation of your piano.
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