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Professional Piano Repairs Services for London. Acoustic pianos are complex instruments, requiring hundreds of working parts for it to produce its beautiful sound. Unfortunately, with age and continued use, minor repairs or replacement parts may be needed in order for the piano to continue functioning optimally.

These repairs can range from simple fixes such as replacing felts and springs, which help ensure the piano action is functioning properly, to more complex repairs such as adjusting the tension on strings or replacing broken dampers. The piano action itself is a complex system that sees each key triggering a series of levers and components to create the desired sound when pressed.

In some cases, playing an acoustic piano can become difficult if keys require extra effort to be pressed down or if they get stuck when released. This may be caused by worn out felt pads or broken springs underneath the keys themselves. Replacing these parts can greatly improve the responsiveness of your instrument.

Beyond the action of a piano, other common problems include sticking pedals, broken hammers or loose strings. If you experience any of these issues with your acoustic instrument, it is important to call a qualified  piano technician who has experience servicing pianos in order to ensure proper repair and piano maintenance is carried out.

By taking measures such as having regular maintenance checks done on your instrument by a qualified technician and ensuring all minor repairs are carried out promptly, you can ensure that your beloved acoustic piano will remain in top form for many years to come.

Piano repairs for London

We provide minor piano repairs for both upright and grand pianos in all areas of Greater London

Minor Piano Repairs for Acoustic Pianos

These are some of  the minor piano repairs that may occur to your instruments.To ensure a high quality service, remember to use a professional piano repair service near you.

  • Sticky keys
  • Broken Strings
  • Dampers
  • Squeaky Pedals
  • keyboard Bushing
  • Broken Hammers
  • Action Felts
Piano action repairs for upright and grand pianos.

AMH Pianos Services London provide piano repairs for upright and grand pianos for all makes and models in all areas of London.

Piano Maintenance in London

With decades of experience in piano tuning and repairs , we have with have lots of experience with faults can arise  with  your acoustic piano , please  mention at the time of the appointment, any issues which have being  troubling you with the functionality of your instrument,When playing your piano ,  you need the keys to  operate similarly  or this could this prevent you playing efficiently due to touch variation of your keyboard . Within the action of you piano, which comprises of the keys , levers and jacks, and other materials, friction points can be more pronounced , which means pliability will not be uniform. This kind of repair can enhance how your piano functions. We have given you a brief overview of minor’s piano repairs, for more in-depth,  repairs/restoration , please read this article.

Grand Piano repairs in London

AMH Pianos Services London provide piano repairs for all makes and models of Grand Pianos

Local Piano Repair Service

To help you understand some of the more important aspects of my work, and in turn, your piano, I have provided some piano related advice on the FAQ page. In addition, there is regular advice and updates on our blog for your interest and benefit.

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Acoustic pianos repairs London

AMH Pianos Services London provide a full range of piano repairs , piano regulation, piano maintenance and piano fixing in London.

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