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Piano Restoration London for both grand and upright pianos. We can provide all levels of piano restoration, including action rebuilds, keyboard fixing and full exterior refurbishment. Should you want a full pianos restoration covering all the aspects we have just mentioned, we can carry out all levels of piano restoration to suit your needs.

We understand classical antique pianos have lots of sentimental value, and it is sometimes better to have your family piano restored. Restoration work carried out helps to extend the life of your family instrument.

The Inside Of A Piano
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Piano Assessment

We can send our technician to you for an assessment of your piano if you are looking to get it restored. At the assessment, we will give an in-depth review of any aspects of your piano, which will benefit from restoration work. Should you have any broken panels or scratches on your piano, we have the skills to deal with these problems and fix any damage which damaged your piano case parts (wear and tear or any other damages).

Bell And Co Berlin French Cherry School Style Upright Piano

Piano Action Rebuilds

If you are looking for piano restoration London these are some of the things we can do .There are hundreds of moving parts when dealing with a piano action repair, and after many decades of use, there can be natural wear and tear of the parts. We can fix, replace or even add new items to enhance the life span of your beloved instrument. We can rebuild any parts, we can fix them, or we can replace them with new ones if necessary.

Should you wish your piano to be changed in the appearance, we can also help with the colouration of case parts and don’t forget we can rebuild any part if needed (let’ say something broke and you wish to have it back, we can work on it, fix it or get it ordered new and then putting it in place for you).

We can renew hammerheads, broken hammer shanks. We can do new center pins, should hammers start becoming loose and moving off their positions. We can also replace dampers, so the functionality of the instrument would improve, and again this will enhance the sound quality of your instrument.

Upright piano restoration in London .

Upright piano restringing ,action repairs and restoration in London by AMH Pianos Services London

Piano Repinning Tuning

We can do full repining of a piano, should your pianos have an issue with not holding its tune. We often replace the wrest pins, which enables your piano to hold its tune or even help the piano to get back to concert pitch. We have been tuning pianos in London for a very long time and can help you get the very best sound possible.

Upright and Grand pianos restoration. London .

AMH Pianos Services London offers piano restorations and all types of major repairs like restringing, polyester repairs.

Tackling The Elements

Often pianos can be damaged in ways you wouldn’t think of, such as little things, like dust, moths, and even moisture. We can restore most pianos from a wide range of reasons, including:

Pianos Damaged by Moths

Sometimes pianos can be affected by the infestation of moths, and the instrument would require additional care to clean any moth infestation. Any moth damage would need to be dealt, by fixing or replacement of parts.

Pianos Damaged by Water

Due to the sensitivity of your piano, should there be any direct water damage this would need immediate attention to make sure the piano is repaired correctly and to prevent long term issues that will damage the piano forever.

We have the skills and expertise to fix both moth and water damage to the case part or the internal mechanism.

Get in touch for if you want to know more about our piano restoration London.

Upright Piano s repairs and restoration in London .

AMH Pianos Services London provides French polishing, polyester repairs and all types of repairs across London.

More Restoration Services

It is natural for a piano to become tired and worn over several years or decades, and we can fix most scratches, and should there be any bleaching of your piano’s original colour due to environmental issues, then please don’t worry as we can also help fix those problems. We also offer French polishing and polyester finish to your piano, If there any laminate bubbles or any other kind of lifting, we can help to restore it. We can repair or rebuild the iron frame of your piano if damaged. We can spray it to make it look like new again.

Sometimes in old piano soundboards might have splits or cracks, which affects the sound quality of the instrument, we have the skills and expertise to fix soundboards, and this will enhance the sound quality of your piano.

We have many Pianos for sale in London on our website. When purchasing a Piano from us, you can expect it to be completely rebuilt and refurbished by our team of professional technicians, restorers and tuners.
Grand Piano polishing in London.

AMH Pianos Services London – grand piano French polishing, action restoration, castors replacements around the whole of Greater London .

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