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As a qualified piano tuner, I look after pianos for pianists at all levels, from beginners to seasoned musicians, on a daily basis. I also tune for recording studios and theatrical music companies, music teachers, professional artists, and basically going anywhere the music takes me. Nonetheless, it is only realistic to have an idea of what these pianists say about AMH.

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Excellent Feedback on all Services

During my work, I ensure that I provide professional and excellent customer service so that my clients receive the utmost satisfaction for any individually tailored job. Nevertheless, I am always proud to receive positive feedback from happy and satisfied customers.

As a bonus professional tip, it is often important to look up service user reviews and even qualifications when considering hiring a piano tuner. Find out more in the below blogs.

Choosing a Piano Tuner? Check Their Reviews on Google

Checking Piano Technicians Qualifications and ID

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Customer Testimonials

You can browse through the hundreds of testimonials we have collected from pianists throughout our time trading in London. We also have hundreds of reviews on our services pages, which includes piano servicing, tuning, repairs, restores, removals and we even have lots of pianos for sale.

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Always Helpful and Ready to Take Your Call

Additional helpful advice is also available on our FAQs page. If you have any specific piano-related queries and would like to talk to me personally, please use our contact form or by calling us on 07500 661581.