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Piano Tuning in London starting from £90 to £160

Cost of piano tuning in London ranges from £90 to £160 . we provide fine tuning of piano s to customers throughout London. Insight into  tuning is an essential part of any piano’s upkeep, and should not be neglected. A professional piano tuner can do wonders for your instrument and breathing life back into its sound. Tuning a piano requires an experienced hand, as the hundreds of strings need to be adjusted and balanced with each other in order for the instrument to sound its best.

If you are seeking professional support  from a piano technician , we are able to offer  in all areas piano tuning London. For those with upright or grand pianos, the tuning  process  begins by assessing the overall pitch of the instrument before looking at the balance of the strings. The tuner will use various tools to adjust each string individually, ensuring that they are all tuned correctly at their desired pitches before moving on to fine-tuning. This process needs to be done slowly and carefully in order for it to sound just right.

It is also important to not forget about regular maintenance when it comes to piano tuning. Piano tuners recommend having your instrument tuned at least twice a year – once in winter and once again during summer – as climate changes tend to affect its pitch and tuning. It goes without saying that this process should only ever be done by qualified professional piano tuners who understand exactly how delicate this task can be!

Local Piano Tuning Services in London

Pitch Raising a Piano

Cost of pitch raising a piano is approx. £160 within London. Piano tuning is an essential part of the life of any instrument, especially a piano. A piano’s pitch needs to be regularly monitored and adjusted in order to ensure that it is in tune with the international standard pitch of A440. Professional piano tuners are trained to adjust and tune each individual string, ensuring all strings are balanced with one another.

Pitch Moving a Piano

The process is similar for both upright and grand pianos. The first step for a piano tuner is to check the current pitch level and note any discrepancies between the strings. Once these discrepancies have been identified, each string needs to be tuned individually until they reach the desired level of sound. This means adjusting each string’s tension until they are in perfect harmony with one another. Get in touch if you are looking for a local piano tuner to pitch moving your piano.

Concert Standard Pitch

When pitch raising a piano, occasionally a string can break due to the tension is put under. Should this be the case, we can replace piano strings, or have bass strings made to fit your piano. If you are looking for a local piano tuner to tune your piano to concert standard pitch get in touch.

Rough Tuning a Piano

Part of the process of pitch moving your piano,  we will have to tune the piano twice during the same appointment, firstly we rough tune your instrument,  this enable us to quickly put up the tension and pitch of the piano strings,, sometimes going sharp of pitch so the strings will then fall back into relative tune to each other. Then when the rough tuning has been carried out and we have checked the over all pitch level of the instrument, we carry out a fine tuning of your piano, which is making very minimum adjustments to bring purity and clarity to all strings. Having mentioned piano tuning and the different processes, we recommend that you should take a read of our blog article when considering buying a piano.

Yamaha piano tuning and repairs London

We tune and repair all makes and models of both upright and grand pianos .

London Based Qualified Piano Tuners

Fully Qualified Piano tuners with years of experience on all aspects of piano maintenance and servicing.

We can undertake piano tuning and repairs , generally during the same appointments. Please ensure to let us know if there is any minor repairs that also need to be looked at during the tuning appointments.

As mentioned , we can carry out many kinds of  minor repairs on site, for more information regarding the kind of repairs we can do to your piano, please check the piano repairs page. Get in touch to contact your local piano tuner.

Piano repairs in London

Piano repairs and piano restoration for all makes and models of grand and upright pianos , London

Booking an appointment

We tune acoustic pianos of all brands and models.

  • Tuning Service for Upright Pianos from £90 to £150
  • Tuning Service for Baby Grand Pianos from £90 to £160
  • Tuning Service for Grand Pianos from £90 to £160

If you have a piano in London that needs fine tuning or pitch raising , then please contact our team on 07500 661581 or by using our online contact form.

General appointment times- fine tuning will  take approx.. 1 hour and pitch moving of your piano will take approx.. 90 minutes to 2 hrs.

At the time of arranging the appointments, please mention any other piano fault’s issues, such as broken strings, sticky keys, pedal issues or any other piano maintenance problems, so we can provide adequate time for piano to be tuned and repaired.

If you wish to know more about our company, please check our listing on The Association of Blind Piano Tuners.

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