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Kawai Crystal Grand Cr 1m Piano

Piano music is one of the most trending and elevating industries in the world nowadays. Many people not only love to hear calming music of piano but also want to learn it in the best way. Are you one of those? or do you like playing the piano? If you are interested in listening or playing the piano, then we have a great piece of writing for you which is about one of the renowned piano manufacturing companies.

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Kawai Musical Instruments

Kawai Hallmark Inside A Grand Piano

This article is about Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Company Limited. This company is renowned for producing some of the best ever released electric and acoustic pianos. Many people know it for several quality musical gadgets as they don’t just stop at Pianos.

We have tuned hundreds of upright, grand and baby grand Kawai pianos throughout London and whenever possible, or at least when we remember, we take a photo of the customers piano and post them on our Gallery, head over if you like to see some of the Kawai’s we have had the pleasure working on.

Established Since 1927

Kawai White Grand Piano

The founder of Kawai, Koichi Kawai, was the neighbour of one of the reputable persons in the piano manufacturing industry, Torakusu Yamaha, founder of Yamaha Corporation. Koichi worked in the Yamaha Corporation up till he formed his own piano manufacturing company out of it in 1927. Since then, this company has been able to provide the best musical instruments to a large sphere of its clients.

Kawai Pianos History Timeline

Kawai Since 1927 Hibition Awards Made In Japan

Kawai holds a fascinating and advancing history. Every time, it was able to surprise its customers with better than they had before.

So, a brief timeline of its history is as follows:

Kawai v 1927 to 1957

  • Establishing the Kawai Instruments Research laboratory. And manufacturing first Kawai grand piano.
  • The company name was changed to Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Company.
  • Starting of the manufacture of reed organs and harmonics.
  • Shifting its supplies to military instrumentation (World War II era).
  • Winning the blue-ribbon medal and becoming the first industry for that too.
  • Establishing the Kawai Music Education program.

Kawai v 1957 to 1987
  • In this time circle, the company was able to achieve the following:
  • Expanding sales and increasing the capital by 36k million yens.
  • Establishing the Kawai Piano Loan, Kawai Music Foundation and Kawai America Corporation (Los Angeles).
  • Introducing the Kawai sporting goods, furniture and toys in the market.
  • Establishing the Kawai Services Center Co. Ltd. and Kawai Gymnastic School.
  • Raising the sales of pianos to 5000 units/ month and then to the 1 million total productions.
  • Completing the Kawai digital pianos and establishing the Kawai UK. Ltd.

Kawai v 1987 to Present
  • Making the total production units of pianos reach two million.
  • Establishing the Kawai Asia Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., Kawai Cosmos Co., Ltd. and Kawai Music Planning Co. Ltd.
  • Launching the range of ‘K’ series upright pianos.
  • Celebrating the 80 years of advancement.
  • Celebrating the 90th anniversary.

Services for Upright and Grand Pianos Made By Kawai

Close Up Detailed Inside Of Grand Piano

We tune, repair, restore and move Kawai upright and grand pianos in London, we will put you and your piano first, if you need our help please call today on 07500 661581. We also provide free advice and quotations, so don’t hesitate to call.

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