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New, Used, and Restored Pianos

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If you’re thinking of buying a piano, the main question is whether to buy a brand new one or a used one. This is a very personal decision, after all, however, purchasing the right piano for yourself or for your family can create a lifetime of enjoyment. In this blog post, I would like to mention a few points to consider when buying a new, used, or restored piano. Firstly purchase a piano you can afford and is appropriate for your needs. You want an instrument that will play properly and compliment your home’s d├ęcor.

Buying a New Piano Vs a Used Piano

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Most used pianos are less expensive than most new ones however a new piano has a full warranty and all the benefits of a new item (glossy, shiny case etc.). A pre-owned piano usually doesn’t have a warranty, although some dealers will give a limited and short-time warranty. When buying an instrument, you need to select a piano that has the essential touch and musical tone that you like and then it will have to be tuned when it arrives at your home.

The most important thing when purchasing a 2nd hand piano is to contact a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) to look at a piano before you buy it and make sure that it is worth the cost and it is playable with no hiddle faults that will prove costly.

New is Not Always Better than Old

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If you have a lot of disposal income then you can’t beat a brand new Steinway & Sons, Kawai or Yamaha piano, these are built just as good as the classics. You should avoid purchasing unfamiliar brands as while the price may be right, they may not sound as good as a 2nd hand Yamaha or Kawai. Not too long ago we published a 10 point checklist when purchasing a 2nd hand piano which is something you should look at before parting with your hard-earned cash. We have used pianos for sale in London on our website.