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Piano Regulation in South London

London is a very big city an it is divided into different areas. South London is located south of the river Thames, and you can find the historic boroughs of Croydon, Sutton and Merton.

Originally South London came from Southwark. The name Southwark means the fort of the men of Surrey, and that’s because, from London Borough of Southwark, London reached further down into the west part of Kent and the north part of Surrey.

AMH Pianos Services London provides piano servicing, tuning, repairs, restores, removals and we even have lots of pianos for sale. We have years of experience and we provide excellent services in all parts of South, South West and South East London.

South London Map As It Was In The Year 1800
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South London is a beautiful part of the city that everyone should visit. It is full of exciting music venues such as The Brixton Windmill, The Music Room and The Stanley Halls. We operated across the whole of South London. We can tune, repair, move and service your pianos and we can fix any issue your piano might have.

If you are looking to relocate to the Richmond area, please check out our Richmond Piano Moving and Repairs page.

South London Boroughs

AMH Pianos Services London provides piano tuning, repair, restoration, servicing and removal all around South London. We have years of experience and we provide excellent services.

Boroughs Served

South East London

In  South East London, you will find the famous East End which is located outside of the traditional Roman boundaries of the London Borough of City of London. In the beginning, it was made of small villages, and a lot of green areas found all around a Roman road going from London to Colchester in Essex. The East End is now a vibrant part of the city, and we have a lot of clients living in this area.

Boroughs Served

South West London

South West London is home to many important residences such as The House of Commons, The House of Lords, Buckingham Palace, the Prime Minister residence, 10 Downing Street, Clarence House, HM Treasury and others.

With places like the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace it is one of the favourites for tourists and Londoners who want to go out for a fun family day. It is also home to multicultural places like Brixton, where little gems like Pop Brixton make this area unique.

Boroughs Served

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Our motivation

When Andy came to London over six years ago, he built his company from scratch, and he found a team of professional, qualified people who all the same thing in common. We want to provide the best possible service at the best possible price, and we are all friendly and down to earth.

What We Do

To help make you understand what we do, we have compiled a list of our services which can be below.

Piano Tuning Services

We offer piano tuning services for both grand pianos and upright pianos. We can offer regular piano maintenance which means once or twice a year. If your piano that has NOT received a professionally tuned for many years, we have the skills and professionalism to get your piano sounding wonderful again.

A piano tuning appointment will take from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on how much work will be needed to tune the muscial instrument. We can discuss your needs before the appointment, and due to our decades of experience, we should be able to provide you with your piano tuning quote, not only the cost of the piano tuning but how long it will take to carry it out.

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Piano Repair Services

Piano repairs came in many shapes and forms, from a squeaky piano pedal, stiff keys, broken strings to French polishing of the case part. We can provide minor and major repairs to your instrument. We have excellent customer service and our rates are very competitive.

Some of the repairs we can offer are: fixing a pedal, fixing a hammer shank, replacing strings, checking the piano for cracks on the soundboard, mending sticky keys, repinning of the instrument, replacing hammerheads. We can also fix humidifiers and damp chasers to extend the quality and life span of the piano. Please AMH Pianos Services London">get in touch today for a free telephone consultation.

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Piano Restoration Services

After many years of usage, a piano will need some form of restoration. By doing so enables the instrument to be brought back to its former glory. It will enhance the playability and the sound quality of your piano. Rather than thinking of buying a new piano or a replacement, you can have work carried out on your instrument which will extend its life spam.

Restoration can be full or partial rebuild. Please make AMH Pianos Services London">contact for a full assessment of your instrument which will offer an in-depth review of the potential upgrade of your piano.

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Piano Servicing

The servicing of a piano is very important to maintain the quality of the main mechanism inside the instrument. Servicing the piano will help with the performance of the piano, and it enables the pianist to respond with the instrument correctly. It will make sure that the touch of the piano is consistent and the performance is to the highest standards.

We look after all makes and models of pianos. Steinway, Bechstein, Yamaha, Bluthner, Kawai, Fazioli, Broadwood, Chapel.

We work with all makes and models of pianos. The reason for saying this is that sometimes people contact us to ask if we can tune a Steinway piano and we need to educate our clients to let them know that we can maintain, tune, repairs and move all types of pianos.

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Piano Removal Services

We can help you to move your grand piano or upright piano within your property, up and downstairs if required. We have the skills and the teams to move your piano throughout greater London.

Some pianos that require moving from one location to another will need dismantling beforehand. We have the skills and dedicated team to provide this service as well. Moving a piano is a very difficult thing to master. Put confidence in our company to take away the stress and use our expert piano removal team to carry out the job.

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Piano for Sales

AMH Pianos Services are proud to announce we now have a piano sale section to our website, where you can find wonderful instruments for all levels of players. We are so pleased that we can provide a full spectrum of piano-related services to our clients throughout all the areas of Greater London.

If you are looking for a Grand Piano, Baby Grand Piano or Upright Piano, then please check back regularly as we are always selling and uploading new items for sale. If you are after a particular piano, then please get in touch so we can contact you should we get one in stock.

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