Central London Piano Tuning, Repairs, Removals and Sales

Piano Services in Central London

AMH Pianos Services London provides piano tuning, repair, restoration, servicing and removal all around Central London. We have years of experience and we provide excellent services because we are passionate and we always aim to reach perfection.

We cover the following London Boroughs:

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Our motivation

We truly understand how much our clients care for their pianos. By keeping that in mind, we provide our services in a way that they benefit the pianists in an ultimate way. We strive for perfection and to make sure we deliver the best possible services.

What We Do

To help make you understand what we do, we have compiled a list of our services which can be below.

Piano Tuning Services

We offer piano tuning services for both grand pianos and upright pianos. We can offer regular piano maintenance which means once or twice a year. If your piano that has NOT received a professionally tuned for many years, we have the skills and professionalism to get your piano sounding wonderful again.

A piano tuning appointment will take from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on how much work will be needed to tune the muscial instrument. We can discuss your needs before the appointment, and due to our decades of experience, we should be able to provide you with your piano tuning quote, not only the cost of the piano tuning but how long it will take to carry it out.

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Piano Repair Services

Piano repairs came in many shapes and forms, from a squeaky piano pedal, stiff keys, broken strings to French polishing of the case part. We can provide minor and major repairs to your instrument. We have excellent customer service and our rates are very competitive.

Some of the repairs we can offer are: fixing a pedal, fixing a hammer shank, replacing strings, checking the piano for cracks on the soundboard, mending sticky keys, repinning of the instrument, replacing hammerheads. We can also fix humidifiers and damp chasers to extend the quality and life span of the piano. Please get in touch today for a free telephone consultation.

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Piano Restoration Services

After many years of usage, a piano will need some form of restoration. By doing so enables the instrument to be brought back to its former glory. It will enhance the playability and the sound quality of your piano. Rather than thinking of buying a new piano or a replacement, you can have work carried out on your instrument which will extend its life spam.

Restoration can be full or partial rebuild. Please make contact for a full assessment of your instrument which will offer an in-depth review of the potential upgrade of your piano.

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Piano Servicing

The servicing of a piano is very important to maintain the quality of the main mechanism inside the instrument. Servicing the piano will help with the performance of the piano, and it enables the pianist to respond with the instrument correctly. It will make sure that the touch of the piano is consistent and the performance is to the highest standards.

We look after all makes and models of pianos. Steinway, Bechstein, Yamaha, Bluthner, Kawai, Fazioli, Broadwood, Chapel.

We work with all makes and models of pianos. The reason for saying this is that sometimes people contact us to ask if we can tune a Steinway piano and we need to educate our clients to let them know that we can maintain, tune, repairs and move all types of pianos.

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Piano Removal Services

We can help you to move your grand piano or upright piano within your property, up and downstairs if required. We have the skills and the teams to move your piano throughout greater London.

Some pianos that require moving from one location to another will need dismantling beforehand. We have the skills and dedicated team to provide this service as well. Moving a piano is a very difficult thing to master. Put confidence in our company to take away the stress and use our expert piano removal team to carry out the job.

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Piano for Sales

AMH Pianos Services are proud to announce we now have a piano sale section to our website, where you can find wonderful instruments for all levels of players. We are so pleased that we can provide a full spectrum of piano-related services to our clients throughout all the areas of Greater London.

If you are looking for a Grand Piano, Baby Grand Piano or Upright Piano, then please check back regularly as we are always selling and uploading new items for sale. If you are after a particular piano, then please get in touch so we can contact you should we get one in stock.

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Why AMH Pianos Services London?

You might be thinking that there are many piano services around the area, then why should you choose AMH Pianos? Aren’t you? Well, if you are, we are here to answer you and the answer is as follows:

  • We provide you services right at your door. Just give us a call and you will find us at your doorsteps with the most valuable approach for your piano.
  • We maintain and work on your pianos as if we own it. We understand the value of music and are always ready to provide the best because of our personal love with all the genres of music.
  • We offer our quality services at very nominal prices.

Central London Areas

Central London Map
MRSC [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We operate in all the areas of Central London. We ensure to provide our customers with the best services. We indeed hold a distinction when it comes to the piano repairing, servicing, removal and tuning. So, are you living in any one of the following areas of Central London? If yes, give us a call whenever you need piano services:

City of Westminster

We have been serving customers for 20 years with professional piano tuning and repairs in the City of Westminster.

If you are living around the one-way street of Aldwych in the city of Westminster and in need of piano services, AMH piano is always ready. We are proud to provide you with me Aldwych piano repairing services, tuning services and removal services.

Are you living in the street made by William Baker in the district of Marylebone of the city of Westminster and in need of piano services? Well, here we are.

We are here with our AMH piano services for the individuals living in the Bayswater in the city of Westminster and the Royal Bough of Kensington.

If you own a home in the popular Bond Street known for renown fashion outlets and in need of piano services, AMH pianos are always ready.

Is your residence along the river-walk and road of River Thames? Well, if you ever need piano services, always remember we are here.

How can we forget to provide our services in the famous Harley Street known for a number of private specialists in the field of surgery and medicine!

If you are a resident of the district in between Kilburn and St John’s Wood, Maida Vale, we just wanted to let you know that we are always available whenever need piano services.

AMH pianos also provide their piano services in the area of Marble Arch. So, if you are a resident of Marble Arch and ever in need of our services, you are most welcome.

We are always available with our AMH Piano services for the pianists living in the area of Marylebone.

Are you living in the area close to Georgian townhouses, Mayfair? We just wanted to let you know that we provide our piano services there too.

How can we not provide our quality piano services in the area of major road located in the city of Westminster, Oxford Street!

If you are living anywhere close to the Paddington, Central London and in need of the piano services, just give us a call.

We are always ready to provide our piano repairing, tuning, and removal services in the areas around the road junction, Piccadilly Circus.

AMH pianos also provide their services in the small area of Central London, Pimlico. Do you need us?

Found in Bayswater, West London, this area’s name used to be Queen’s Road, in honour of Queen Victoria who was born in the Kensington Palace. We are the best piano services provider in the area, and we offer amazing services and very good prices.

We offer many piano-related services to all customers in Queensway

We provide our piano services in the area of the major shopping street known as Regent Street, just at your doors.

We provide our enthusiastic piano services in the energetic Street Soho. So, always remember us in the hour of need.

Are you a resident of the central district of Westminster and in need of piano services? Well, we are happy to tell you that we are available.

How is it possible that we do not offer our piano services in the central business district of the Westminster, Victoria!

We are always on our toes to provide the best and quality piano services in the former capital of England.

If you ever need our services in the area around the Whitehall, we will be happy to help.

London Borough of Camden

Do you have a piano in London Borough of Camden that needs tuning, repairing or moving? we can help you.

Belsize Park in on the Northern Line and it is very close to the Royal Free Hospital. Full of beautiful homes and high-end restaurants and cute little cafes, Belsize Park is one of the cutest areas to live in.

Do you own a piano and you need to service it? Are you looking for someone to repair your piano? Find out more how we can help you, by clicking the button below.

If you have a piano in need of a repair, a tune, or restoration, or even a removal in Covent Garden then please get in touch.

Located in the district of North London and the Borough of Camden, and AMH Pianos have served many customers in this area. If you have a piano in need of attention, or servicing, then please get in touch today.

Frognal is a tiny area of Hampstead just North West of London. If you’re looking for someone to tune, repair, or service your piano then please get in touch with out team.

Gospel Oak is an overground station in North West London, close to Hampstead. We serve all customers near Gospel Oak and look forward to helping you.

Hampstead is a rich and affluent district of north-west London, where you can find many academics, media figures, artist and creatives. The area is home to the amazing Hampstead Park, and It’s full of meadows, swimming ponds, and you can see the city from Parliament Hill. If you want to see a collection of Old Master art, you can visit Kenwood House, an amazing neoclassic villa. We are proud to say we have many customers in South and West Hampstead.

This residential area in Kentish Town Rd is very busy, full of life and with many historic pubs, eateries from all over the world and many health foods shops.

If you live in this cool area and your piano needs to be restored, you can get in touch 24/7 via email.

This district is part of the borough of Camden and the borough of Hampstead, and it is named after an Inn named The Swiss Tavern which was built in style of a Swiss Chalet back in 1804. If you own a piano and live in this area, we are happy to provide all kind of piano-related services.


We have been serving customers of London Borough of Islington for a very long time and can provide you with hassle-free quotations on all our services.

If you live in the lovely area of Archway, famous for its Victorian houses, give us a call or send an email or fill in the contact form.

Barnsbury names are short for Barnersbury, and it takes its name from the Barners family, a powerful medieval manorial loroad who managed to gain ownership over a large part of Islington after the Norman Conquest. If you live in this historic area and your piano needs some work, get in touch today.

Crouch Hill is in between Crouch End and Stroud Green in the borough of Haringey and Islington, and it’s known for The Parkland Walk, which is a public foot and cycle path that stretches from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace. If you live in this area and you need a piano services provider, don’t forget to get in touch with us.

Known and named after the beautiful and huge Finsbury Park, this area is a mix of all cultures with beautiful homes and full of interesting people. The park has got a lake, walking paths and outdoor gym and it ‘s famous for music festivals during the summer.

If you happen to live in this particular area and you own a piano, contact us today, We are your one-stop for all piano related services.

Highbury is an upscale district with tennis courts and sports centre in the leafy Highbury Fields park and a lot of amazing restaurants, artisan food stores and full of Italian style Villas and Georgian Homes now converted into flats.

If you live in one of those villas or flats and you have a piano remember, we are here to help. We are your local piano services provider.

Tufnell Park is rich in history were serious development work started back in 1845 with a program sponsored by henry Tufnell and designed by John Shaw Jr. Quite a few actors live in this area such as Ben Miller, Damian Lewis, Bill Nighy, and musician Jonny Buckland.

If you live in the area and you are a bit of a musician yourself, playing the piano, get in touch today to make sure all is in order within the mechanism of your beloved instrument.

London Borough of Lambeth

Lambeth used to be part of the big and old parish of Lambeth St. Mary (from it gets its name). Back in 1979, the administration of Edward Knight (also known as Ted Red) organised in this area the first demonstration against the Thatcher. Some of the landmarks of this area are The South Bank, the National Theatre, the London Eye and Shell Centre and many more. We serve all customers with Pianos in London Borough of Lambeth.

Brixton is a multicultural district very close to Vauxhall and well connected. It has a lot of street markets and many funky areas like Pop Brixton, where restaurants and shops from all over the world sell their specialities.

Do you live in Brixton or Brixton Hill and you need your upright or grand piano tuned? Call us today for a quote. Our prices start at £90 for regular tuning.

The name Clapham comes from the Clapham Family. What today is Clapham High Road is an ancient part of the Roman military road Strand Street. Back in the 17th century, very large houses (country style) started to appear and also throughout the 18th and the 19th century when this area was full of very wealthy people. Elizabeth Cook, the widow of Capt. James Cook used to live in Clapham Common.

If you live in Clapham or Clapham Junction, and your piano in need of some care, then we will be more than happy to help you find the right solution.

This village is a leafy area where you can find the stunning Brockwell Park full of walled gardens, mini railways and the Brockwell Lido (with an art deco outdoor pool). If you live in this cute area and you own a piano that needs to be moved or disposed of, then find out more by clicking the link below.

This is a residential area based in Balham with a lot of history. This area used to be a medieval field located at the skirts of the parish of Clapham. It used to be called Hyde in the Middle Ages. Between 1896 & 1916 is when the eater known as Hyde Farm Estate was developed.

Do you live in this area? Do you own a piano? Are you looking for a piano tuner to tune your piano regularly? If so call us today. We can organise that for you.

Kennington is a beautiful residential area mostly known to be the home of the Oval cricket ground. Are passionate about cricket and pianos? Call us today.

This area used to be part of the former Manor of Bodley Upgroves and Scarlettes. Back in 1810, Tulse Hill Farm was the only building on the west side of the area. We are happy to say we cover the whole area, and whatever your piano needs.

Stockwell is an area in south-west London, and its name is believed to come from a local well, with “stoc” being the Old English for post or tree trunk.

If you live in this area and you are thinking of having your piano moved to a new house or if you are planning to get your piano refurbished and sold, we can do all of that for you. Just get in touch today.

Streatham Hill is part of the administrative division of Lambeth, and it is a residential area. If you live here and you wish to get your piano tuned and serviced then call today or for more information click the button below.

Vauxhall is an area in south-west London, full of modern buildings and offices; it is a very busy area. From the Victorian time to the mid-20th century Vauxhall was a mix between residential and industrial area. Full of manual workers living here. Vauxhall has given its name to the Vauxhall Motors and the Russian word which means large railway station.

If you live in this area and you are thinking of selling your piano, call us today. We also provide all kind of piano-related services.

This area is a largely residential area with many beautiful landmarks such a: The South London Theatre, the West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre, St. Luke’s Church, West Norwood Cemetery and many more.

We are happy to come anywhere in the area to tune or repair your piano. Get in touch today.

London Borough of Southwark

We have many happy customers in London Borough of Southwark. If you need one or more of our services then please call our team today.

This area is in South East, and it’s a railways station in the borough of Southwark. Very close to London Bridge, is a very central area to live in. Do you own a piano? Does it need to be serviced? Call AMH Today!

Camberwell is a beautiful residential area, only 2.7 miles from Charing Cross, so very central and home to the beautiful, stunning St. Giles Church. Back in 1965 most of the borough of Camberwell was merged with the one of Southwark.

We cover the whole area, and we offer all kind of piano services.

Denmark Hill is based in the borough of Southwark, and it is based on the subsection of the western flank of the Norwood Ridge. The name derives from Queen’s Ann husband, Prince George of Denmark.

Dulwich is an affluent district of London with a village-like style and way of life. It is a very elegant area with a beautiful park. We cover the whole of Dulwich so feel free to get in touch.

This area is ever-changing and developing. Some of the modern building is the Strata Tower, also known as the razor. There are many Latin-American eateries and streets markets as well like the Mercato Metropolitan. And let’s not forget the War Museum is also based in this area.

Have you got a piano and you live in this ever-changing area? Click the button below for more information on our services or if you prefer, give us a call.

This area is growing quite a bit lately and is considered an up and coming residential area on the South East of London. The roads Nunhead Lane and Evelina Road are full of bakeries, food shops, fishmongers and many more.

We cover the whole area, and we offer all kind of piano-related services.

Peckham is also a new residential area, getting better by the minute a centred in Rye Lane, a trendy street, full of life, known for the African food shops and restaurants. The Bussey Buildings are found here, a former industrial estate.

If you live in this area and you are looking to get your piano tuned, please feel free to get in touch.

Surrey Dock is home to the Surrey Dock Farm which is an interactive farm with farm animals, gardens growing foods, hens etc. They sell eggs, meat, fruit, veggies and they have toddlers club, a very good way for a new mum to meet other people and for the kids to socialise.

We cover the whole area, and we offer all kind to piano related services.

Walworth is based in South East London, and it’s very close to Elephant & Castle and Camberwell. The name derives from Old English Wealhworth which means British Farm.

Do you live in this area and you upright or grand piano is playing up and not in a good way? Get in touch!

London Borough of Wandsworth

If you have a piano in London Borough of Wandsworth and require our help then please call 07500 661581.

Balham is an old district that has been settled since the Saxon times. Back during WW2, the underground station was very much damaged by an air raid. The day was the 14 of October 1940, and a bomb fell in the High Road through the roof of the station.

Today is a multicultural area, and if you live in this area and own a piano, you found the right company to look after it.

One of the reasons why Battersea is known is because it is home to the Battersea Cat and Dog charity, which is one of the biggest in London. This area has got many mid-20th-century housing estates, most of them found of the north of the railway. One of the largest ones is the Winstanley Estate.

AMH Pianos covers the whole of Battersea, and we are happy to provide you with a quote for any piano-related services you are looking for.

This area is a typical London residential area, with Victorian terraced homes and a high street with supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and shops.

If you live here and you need to move to a different place, and you wish to have your piano removed as well, please call us today.

Putney is a very much affluent area, full of beautiful homes, high-end restaurants and also known to be the starting point oft the Boat Race. People usually watch the race from the riverside pubs.

We cover the whole area of Putney and Putney Bridge. Call us today to know more or check our articles and services pages.

Southfields used to still field up until the 19th century. In the last few decades, this area went through a lot of change and became more of a residential area, with the main one being the Southfields Triangle.

We cover the whole area, so feel free to contact us today if you wish to get your piano checked.

Tooting and Tooting Bec are very old areas that had been settled since the pre-Saxon times. The name derives from Anglo-Saxon, but people are still disputing over the meaning.

AMH Pianos Services London offers all piano related services to the whole South West London.

Wandsworth and Wandsworth Town is a residential area with many pubs and shops. Five bridges join Wandsworth to the 3 London Borough on the north of the Thames: Chelsea Bridge, Albert Bridge, Battersea Bridge, Wandsworth Bridge and Putney Bridge.

Do you own an upright or grand piano? Does it need to be serviced? Call today to find out more, or click the button below.

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

If you have a piano in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and require our help then please call 07500 661581.

Chelsea is a famous area in London. It is also home to the Chelsea Football Club. It is based on the south of the Thames. This borough was known as the borough of an artist and as the London’s bohemian quarter. Many artists, painters, poets and radicals lived here, Today the beautiful homes of King’s Road are mainly home to bankers and film stars (and other of course).

Do you live in this area and you own a piano? Do you need regular tuning or some French polishing? Get in touch today.

This area is a typical London residential area, with Victorian terraced homes and a high street with supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and shops.

If you live here and you need to move to a different place, and you wish to have your piano removed as well, please call us today.

Gloucester Road Station is known for its beautiful architecture. It was first opened on the 1st of October 1868. It is also a residential area in Kensington. Do you live in this area? And you own a piano that needs some tuning, repairs or any other piano related services?

Please feel free to ask us any questions – we are here to help, and we will do all we can to do so.

Holland Park is a beautiful residential area full of Victorian townhouses, shops, tourist attractions like the Design Museum, restaurants, spas and very posh hotels. Holland Park station is the closest tube station. Up until the 19th century, this area was very rural, and the name derives from the mansion called Holland House. The Holland Park is a beautiful park with peacocks, the formal gardens, the Kyoto garden and the Kyoto garden waterfall.

If you have a Victorian House in Holland Park and you need to transport your piano from one address to the other, or maybe you need a team of a skilled technician to restore and polish the case of your piano, you have found the one-stop-shop for all pianos related services.

This road in west London in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. During the Notting Hill Carnival, Ladbroke Grove gets busy. This street was named after James Walker Ladbroke. He is the developer of the Ladbroke Estate back in the 1840s.

We cover the whole of West London, including Latimer Rd, get in touch today for a piano tuning session or any other service your piano requires.

Latimer road station opened on the 16th of December 1868, and it has been refurbished quite a few time during the years. A curious fact, the station is shown in the movie Adulthood from 2008.

We cover the whole of West London, including Latimer Rd, get in touch today for a piano tuning session or any other service your piano requires.

Kensington is a very posh and upscale area of London full of Victorian houses, building and embassies. The Kensington High Street is full of very posh boutiques, while Kensington Church Street is full of antique stores.

Lots of museums and palaces can be found in areas, such as the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Kensington Palace and the Royal Albert Hall where many pianists have played.

If you are a pianist in need of a professional and skilled piano tuner, we are a perfect choice. We can look after your piano, we can move it from one place to the other, and we can repair strings or sticky notes

Kensington Olympia is a station with railway and tube in the Kensington area. The station is close to the Olympia exhibition centre.

If you live close this station and you own an upright or grand piano, get in touch today. We can service your piano or check it out to make sure it is in working order.

This area is famous for the Notting Hill Carnival, the Movie, Notting Hill with Julia Robert and Hugh Grant. It is a friendly and casual area with many different cafes, and it’s home to the Portobello Market, in Portobello Road.

Give us a call today to find out about our services.

South Kensington is an upmarket area with many museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum. With many trendy shops and high-end restaurants, this area is a little gem of London.

If you own a piano and you live in this area, we are happy to assist you in any way.

This area is a very busy residential area. You can find the Olympia London here making it a centre for festivals, conventions, and all kind of events, including music events.

Are you passionate about music? Do you love to play the piano but you don’t know how to service it or change parts like strings, keys or pedals? Send us an email, and we’ll be with you as soon as possible to check your piano.

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