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We have decades of experience providing piano tuning, piano repairs, piano servicing, piano restoration, piano removals and even have various pianos for sale, for all customers living in and around London. We strongly believe in providing excellent and friendly service to all our clients. We’re fully qualified, skilled and our technicians have decades of experience. If you are looking for piano moving and restoration in Richmond upon Thames, please check out our Piano Services Richmond page.

We have the knowledge and the tools to deal with all kind of repairs, from a sticky key to a full restoration. All our members of the team have had DBS checks, and we also have insurance to give you some extra peace of mind.

Please check below to find out our London Piano Services.  
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Piano removals, piano tuning , piano repairs

Piano Tuning Service

When you buy a piano (new or used), it needs to be tuned at least once a year. If you do play the piano often, or if you are a teacher or a pianist, then it should be done on a more regular basis. Tuning your instrument is also a way to keep an eye on its overall health.
  • Single tuning costs from £90.00
  • Double tuning costs from £150.00
The tuner can require up to 2 hours to complete the job. Please note that these are estimated prices and will vary depending on the condition and age of the instrument. We also offer voicing and pitch concert tuning. When you get in touch, please let us know where are you based, when the piano was last tuned and if it requires any repairs.
Piano Tuning Service

Piano Repair Service

Pianos are very delicate instruments and from time to time, they will require repair. There are 100s of moving parts in a piano and from time to time adjustments and, in some cases, replacement parts are can help you with that. We can fix broken strings, pedals, keys, and hammers, and we can repair cracks on the case and anything else that might be required to get your piano to work perfectly well once again. Send us an email today and please let us know what kind of piano it is (acoustic grand, baby grand or upright) and what issues might need fixing; if possible, send us some pictures. In some cases, we need to come and assess the piano. The cost of a piano assessment is £80. If you go ahead with the repairs suggested by our technicians, we will deduct £40 from the quote.
Piano Repair Service
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Piano Moving and piano disposal

Piano Servicing

The team at AMH Piano Services London has been servicing grand, baby grand and upright pianos for almost two decades. During a full service, also known as our Piano Healthcheck, we check all the vital mechanisms to ensure the keys feel right and play all the right notes as intended. If your piano is a little run-down or just need someone professional to give it a clean bill of health, then get in touch with our team today, or to find out more about our Piano Servicing services, please click the ‘read more’ button below.
Piano Servicing

Piano Restoration Service

When you own a piano, you need to take into consideration that time, age, temperature and many other factors can play a huge part in ruining the case of the piano and the internal mechanism (the action, the soundboard, string and pins). In some cases, a full restoration will be essential to getting the piano back to its former glory. Before we can give you a quote, we need to see the piano and give it an in-depth assessment to make sure we leave no page unturned. Once we do that, we will be able to list what is needed, and we will need to arrange a date with you so that we can take the piano to our workshop (if required, as sometimes we can carry out minor restoration work in your home), You can be confident that we will look after your piano while we are working on it. If you feel your piano needs a full restoration, get in touch today and let us know what model and make of piano you own and where are you based for us to arrange an appointment.
Piano Restoration Service

Piano Removals Service

We offer all kind of piano services but piano removal is one of the most important. It’s imperative that you contact a professional to have our piano moved, whether you need to move it within your property or from A to B. Pianos are very expensive and very delicate instruments and in the wrong hands, you can risk damaging the instrument. We have a professional team that is fully insured and has all the skills and tools to get the piano moved safely for you. A removal cost starts at £150 and when quoting, we take into consideration many factors, such as: if it is an upright or grand piano, the mileage, the distance between the properties, or where in London the piano is stored, the labour, if there are stairs, steps or if there is any other access issue. We operate in all areas of the City, should you require  piano services in Twickenham, please get in touch. Feel free to get in touch and please let us know about any access issue as mentioned before so that we can offer you the correct quote.
Piano Moving Service

Pianos for Sale

We now sell pianos as well. All the instruments have been fully refurbished by our team of professional technicians and tuners. We have a good range of pianos; no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced pianist, we have the right instrument for you. When you buy a piano, you need to take into consideration many aspects, such as how big the room is where the piano needs to go, the colour of the walls or furniture, and whether you might require a silent system which will enable you to play your piano without disturbing anyone. Get in touch today and we will be very happy to assist you.  The Association of Blind Piano Tuners ( ABPT ) The Institute of Musical Instruments Technology ( IMIT)
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