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What Pianists Say About AMH

Pianists Pressing Notes On An Upright Piano

Looking After Pianists Pianos As a , I look after pianos for pianists at all levels, from beginners to seasoned musicians on a daily bases. I also tune for recording studios and theatrical music companies, music teachers, professional artists and basically going anywhere the music takes me. Excellent Feedback on all Services During my work, … Continued

A Summer of Seismic Changes in London

Pianist Sets The Grand Piano Before Performance

Heated Discussions in London Over the past month events in the UK and around the World have been a bit of a game-changer, causing uncertainty, intrigue and plenty of heated discussion across London. From Whitehall to Hackney, Golders Green to Bexley Heath, the conversation seems to have moved on to what the latest events in … Continued

AMH Piano Services London Spring Celebrations

Piano Keys With Lavender Flowers On Top

Clocks Go Forward As the clocks jump forward, the weather brightens, and with spring, in the air, so is thoughts of love. I feel it is time once again to check in with every one of you, who have made me feel so welcome since my arrival in the capital. There is plenty of exciting … Continued