Making Music Special Again


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Long before the days of TV, the internet, and non-stop music in supermarkets, travelling minstrels toured the country, going from town to village to manor house, and made the music feel memorable—something to look forward to. In the absence of any other entertainment, the event gave people occasional and much-appreciated relief from their otherwise complicated and challenging lives. Now that we have music on tap at the touch of a screen or button, has music lost its unique place in our hearts?

We at AMH Pianos Services London, have a deep passion for music, and my love for the craft is what initially sparked my interest in my chosen profession. It occasionally saddens me to witness numerous talented musicians facing financial challenges. There is a surplus of music that seems prevalent wherever we turn, yet people frequently voice complaints about music quality, the range of available genres, and even the cost of music. It’s vital that we maintain the vibrancy of London and the Arts, as well as the rest of the UK.

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Streaming Services

With a rise in music streaming services, we do not seem to even care to own our favourite tunes anymore. Somehow, in an era where musicians have so many avenues to contact the fans and reach out to us of their own accord, it feels like something or someone is taking over our music, putting musicians out of business, and even adversely affecting the craftsmen who look after the musicians.

As we stood here in 2016, it is absolutely vital to take evasive action now to prevent a decline in the importance of music in the post-iPod age. For starters, we could do more to encourage our children to take up music and musical instruments at a young age.

We could train the next Mozart, Beethoven, or Elgar by better educating our music teachers at the PGCE level. Rather than focusing only on the big names, we should push the streaming services to support the musicians we adore more equally and generously. We could provide a more technical and well-rounded level of education to breed the next generation of men and women who dedicate their lives to servicing, repairing and even transporting pianos and other instruments between venues.

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Making Arts and Crafts More Accessible

We could make the top-rated arts and music more affordable and easily accessible to people from non-traditional backgrounds, especially outside London’s M25 boundaries. We could refuse to support piracy. And finally, we could encourage our elected leaders to encourage more significant investment in the creative arts to ensure that we have a brighter, better-sounding future!