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5 Common Piano Issues with Advice

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Common Acoustic Pianos Faults and Issues Pianos, like all instruments, need and maintenance to keep them playing at their very best. However, the more the piano is played, the more tuning it will need. Many fragile components make the piano produce sounds and movements, so looking out for any issues is crucial. It can go … Continued

Insights into Piano Tuning

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Introduction always believe that it is essential our valued customers know what is involved in our services. This is why we will always talk you through what we are doing with your piano whilst in your home. and the team have tuned hundreds of pianos in their careers, and every piano gives our team an … Continued

How Does An Acoustic Piano Work?

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Getting to Know Your Piano Better If you are looking at starting to play the piano or maybe you already do but have always wondered how pressing a key produces one of the lives most beautiful sounds, then this is the article for you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced pianist before … Continued

New Guinness World Records: 88 Children Play the Piano

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Guinness World Record It’s always fun to hear when a new world record has been set, but it’s always a lot more exciting when it has to do with the beautiful world of music. And we’ve just heard that a new record has been set for the number of people playing one piano simultaneously, with … Continued

Street Pianos in London

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Piano Tuning in Herne Hill I travel across the city often, and I enjoy coming across interesting things that make me smile. Whilst providing piano services in Herne Hill, tuning to be exact, I came across a Street Piano at the Herne Hill Station. I got interested in the concept, finding out there are lots … Continued

What Pianists Say About AMH

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Looking After Pianists Pianos As a , I look after pianos for pianists at all levels, from beginners to seasoned musicians on a daily bases. I also tune for recording studios and theatrical music companies, music teachers, professional artists and basically going anywhere the music takes me. Excellent Feedback on all Services During my work, … Continued

A Summer of Seismic Changes in London

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Heated Discussions in London Over the past month events in the UK and around the World have been a bit of a game-changer, causing uncertainty, intrigue and plenty of heated discussion across London. From Whitehall to Hackney, Golders Green to Bexley Heath, the conversation seems to have moved on to what the latest events in … Continued

Piano Tuners Need to Use Social Media

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Proving the Best Piano Services in London At , I firmly believe that whatever we do, we can do better. The philosophy that there is always room for improvement rings so loudly to me that despite getting excellent testimonials from so many of you, I continuously strive to give you more for your money and … Continued

London Events in April and Losses so far in 2016

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A Sea of Emotions I really did not know what to call this blog entry. I felt a sea of emotions over the last couple of weeks, from joy to sadness, to pride, and everything in between. Watching yet another month pass into our history books, I would like to take some time to just … Continued

Piano Technicians: Getting to Know Your Piano

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Time Flys By Now that April has nearly approached the halfway point, I can’t help but wonder where does time fly by. Just how quickly 2016 seems to be zooming away from us! The days are brighter, the air is warmer, and from Richmond to Covent Garden, there are certainly more people on the streets. … Continued

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