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Historical piano makers in Central London

When I travel around London, tuning pianos I am well aware of the rich history of piano manufacturers and merchants London has to offer and I am always fascinated by it. Did you know that central areas such as Mayfair, Soho or City of London once were all homes to well known piano makers?

For instance The Allison Piano Company was one of England’s older and more renowned piano manufacturers that produced a full line of square grand, upright and grand pianos. The firm was established in 1837, with factories located in Mayfair at 50 New Bond Street, London. The company was known for making very good quality pianos, and they enjoyed great success for well over a century.


In the historic financial district, also known as the City of London, back in 1767 James Longman set up as a music seller on Cheapside. Like most music sellers in London, Longman also traded in instruments but ultimately piano manufacture was to become the thing for which his company became internationally famous and is now most often remembered. The brand name went through a series of name changes from Longman to the most famous Longman & Broderip.

One of the most noted piano manufacturers of all time was Sebastien Erard, who began building pianos in France but when the French Revolution destroyed his business he moved to London and immediately started making pianos in his new factory in Great Marlborough Street, London. Erard’s instruments were so renowned, that they were owned by some of the most famous and celebrated personalities at the time such as Queen Victoria, Franz Liszt, and Felix Mendelssohn.

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