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Piano Exterior Polishing and Repairs in London

Woman Play A Black High Gloss Finish Upright Piano

Piano Polishing and More! In this blog post, I’d like to offer you a few of our services we provide locally to our customers in most parts of London. Apart from regular , , is also essential as pianos need occasional , polishing and even . We offer complete french polishing, polyester and other fabric … Continued

Piano Maintenance Advice and Information Guide

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Taking Good Care of Your Piano A piano regardless of its size and shape requires periodic maintenance and regular tuning to keep providing outstanding performance as time goes by. There are certain things that you, as a piano owner can do to take care of their instrument and avoid expensive damage such as keeping drinks … Continued

Who’s Pulling Your Strings

Black And White Photo Of Piano Strings Inside A Grand Piano

The Most Asked Piano-Related Question I sometimes find the conversations I have with clients exciting, especially when it comes to Piano Tuning. The customer will call me up and ask “How much is it to get my Piano Tuned”? like most things in life the answer is not so straight forward. It really depends I … Continued

What Pianists Say About AMH

Pianists Pressing Notes On An Upright Piano

Looking After Pianists Pianos As a , I look after pianos for pianists at all levels, from beginners to seasoned musicians on a daily bases. I also tune for recording studios and theatrical music companies, music teachers, professional artists and basically going anywhere the music takes me. Excellent Feedback on all Services During my work, … Continued

Piano Tuning in the Magic Kingdom

Close Up Of White And Black Keys On A Brown Upright Piano

My Piano Tuning Customers On one of my regular customers, I passed through the barriers at what is now known as Chester Place, nothing much unusual about this journey, since I use the station routinely. However, in my day-to-day across London, it does not even occur to me that close to the Disabled Access Point, … Continued

Choosing a Piano Tuner? Check Their Reviews on Google

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Most of the World Now Has Internet It is 2015, and most of the people on the planet now have access to the web. , therefore, should be very intent on fostering good relations with their customers, suppliers and distributors. This is because these days, news not only travels fast, it travels instantly, and remains … Continued

Moving Your Piano to a New Town

note pad with check list with qualified tuner checked but insurance unchecked

Piano Removals: Property to Property Whenever it is time to move to a town, there is always excited about the many opportunities that one is likely to encounter when moving to greener pastures.When the excitement dies down though, the worrying begins or anyone involved in the music industry, there are the practical considerations, including the … Continued

Checking Piano Technicians Qualifications and Id

close up of a gold tuning pin inside a grand piano

The Finer Things in Life Owning a piano can be one of life’s pure luxuries and can bring ultimate enjoyment to the house. Just like all musical instruments, the more it gets played, the quicker it will fall out of tune. When you decide to own an instrument, you must take into consideration that you … Continued

Best Piano Service Provider in Harley Street W1

white yamaha piano

The Best Piano Technicians in Harley Street Choosing the best piano service provider can be quite tricky, primarily if this is the first time you are seeking a piano technician. Our professional advice would be to do your research by looking at reviews from other customers who have experienced a particular service themselves. First Impressions … Continued

Does Tuning a Piano Include Repairs?

tuning pins and lever

The British Public Love Freebees Everyone loves a good freebie whether its free samples of a new type of bread in Tesco or a free goodie bag at the local fair, we are there to grab it with both hands. Some people ask during a tuning service, whether fixing faults or broken keys is a … Continued

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