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Where to Position Your Piano in Your Home?

Illustration Of A Piano With Text Perfect Positioning

Perfect Piano Positioning Positioning a piano in a home is one of the most essential steps to starting your nurture for your new instrument; with love and tender care, your piano will be a lifelong friend. This guide will cover all the information you should know, which should hopefully help you decide where to position … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dedicated Piano Removal Company

001 Patent Erard London Grand Piano Zoomed Out[1]

Why use Specialist Piano Removal Companies? in 5 Reasons In today‚Äôs blog post I will be discussing why you should opt to use a specialist piano removal company rather than your standard cheap and cheerful removal company that are great at moving everyday household items such as beds and white goods. We will tell you … Continued

Move Your Piano in 6 Easy Steps

001 Eichner Black Straight Leg Grand Piano Side Shot 1[1]

Piano Moving Instructions and Things to Consider I would like to give away some few useful instructions on how to safely move any kind of piano. Before I start, I would like to remind everyone with even an extensive knowledge of how-to move pianos, that actually moving your piano comes with a lot of responsibility … Continued

Moving Your Piano to a New Town

note pad with check list with qualified tuner checked but insurance unchecked

Piano Removals: Property to Property Whenever it is time to move to a town, there is always excited about the many opportunities that one is likely to encounter when moving to greener pastures.When the excitement dies down though, the worrying begins or anyone involved in the music industry, there are the practical considerations, including the … Continued