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Steps to Playing Your Piano Again

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New Year, Playing the Piano Again Happy New Year to all of you from and the AMH team, we hope this year brings you prosperity and goodwill. They say that a new year is like a book, twelve chapters, 365 pages, so let us write a good one. Whether you were fortunate enough to receive … Continued

How Does An Acoustic Piano Work?

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Getting to Know Your Piano Better If you are looking at starting to play the piano or maybe you already do but have always wondered how pressing a key produces one of the lives most beautiful sounds, then this is the article for you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced pianist before … Continued

Piano Maintenance Advice and Information Guide

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Taking Good Care of Your Piano A piano regardless of its size and shape requires periodic maintenance and regular tuning to keep providing outstanding performance as time goes by. There are certain things that you, as a piano owner can do to take care of their instrument and avoid expensive damage such as keeping drinks … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dedicated Piano Removal Company

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Why use Specialist Piano Removal Companies? in 5 Reasons In today’s blog post I will be discussing why you should opt to use a specialist piano removal company rather than your standard cheap and cheerful removal company that are great at moving everyday household items such as beds and white goods. We will tell you … Continued

6 Easy Steps to Care for Your Piano

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Introduction to Caring for Your Piano in 6 Steps Tender loving care is something that all pianos need, but it is not an easy task as you can easily damage your valuable instrument with improper maintenance. Therefore it is essential to know about a few basic rules and things, that you, as a piano owner, … Continued

Worth Researching A Piano Company Before Hiring Them?

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Finding the Right Piano Company A lot of local piano companies offer many services such as , , , or . However, when you are looking for a piano tuner provider, always ensure that they are qualified, insured, and DBS checked as not all technicians or piano movers are fully qualified in the market. This … Continued

What Makes a Piano Tuner a Good Professional Tuner?

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What makes a Piano Tuner a Good Professional Tuner? I thought I would share my thoughts about what I believe makes a piano tuner, a professional tuner good? As any , you need to have good social skills, being able to talk with your clients and most importantly understand how to deal with your client’s … Continued

Move Your Piano in 6 Easy Steps

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Piano Moving Instructions and Things to Consider I would like to give away some few useful instructions on how to safely move any kind of piano. Before I start, I would like to remind everyone with even an extensive knowledge of how-to move pianos, that actually moving your piano comes with a lot of responsibility … Continued

Who’s Pulling Your Strings

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The Most Asked Piano-Related Question I sometimes find the conversations I have with clients exciting, especially when it comes to Piano Tuning. The customer will call me up and ask “How much is it to get my Piano Tuned”? like most things in life the answer is not so straight forward. It really depends I … Continued

Which Buy? New or Used Piano?

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New, Used, and Restored Pianos If you’re thinking of buying a piano, the main question is whether to buy a brand new one or a used one. This is a very personal decision, after all, however, purchasing the right piano for yourself or for your family can create a lifetime of enjoyment. In this blog … Continued