The History of Steinway and Sons


Steinway And Sons Grand Piano Side Shot With Lid Open Revealing The Strings Dampers And Hammers1

Whenever it comes to the piano industry, it is a known fact that some of the brands have been able to provide their customers with the best for years. With no doubt, there are several piano brands around the globe. But, among them, a few stand out. So, when talking about famous piano brands, Steinway is one of the top ones.

Steinway and Sons Since 1853

Steinway is an American-based private piano company. It was founded in 1853. Since then, the company has increased its customer base all around the globe. The original and complete name of this company is Steinway and Sons. But, most of the time, people commonly call it Steinway.

Presently, the company owns 300 showrooms around the globe. We tune many pianos every month, and a lot of them are Steinway Grand Pianos if you wish to see some of the fabulous models we have tuned, then please check out our galleries page.

Steinway and Sons History Timeline

Steinway Company is presently 166 years old. The company has been through many thick and thin times. The fascinating historical timeline of Steinway and Sons:

  • 1853 to 1893
    • In the first year of its establishment, 1853, the company made its first piano, named ‘483‘.
    • By 1856, the production units of the company per year were about 208 pianos.
    • Establishing the Steinway Hall holding the Auditorium with the 2,000-seat area
    • Becoming the first-ever company to gain the “Grand Gold Medal of Honour” in 1867.
    • Henry Englehard Steinway’s death, founder of Steinway and Sons in 1871
    • Opening of Steinway Hall in London
    • Making the total production units reach 2600 pianos.
    • Launching of the Steinway Concert Grand Piano
    • Opening of Carnegie Hall
  • 1893 to 1933
    • Manufacturing of the Gold Steinway Piano for the White House
    • Introducing the model’s “K”, “M” and “L” of pianos.
  • 1933 to 1973
    • Introducing the model “S” of Steinway pianos.
    • Presenting the second Steinway Grand Piano to President Franklin.
    • Breaking the record by the shipment of more than 5600 pianos.
    • Henry Z. Steinway became the fifth president of the Steinway Company.
    • Selling Steinway and Sons to CBS Musical Instruments
  • 1973 to 2003
    • Bruce Stevens became the 9th president of Steinway & Sons.
    • Stealing of the Paris Exhibition and several other awards from the Steinway and Sons company
    • Introducing the mid-priced piano line called Boston.
    • Gaining the name “Company of the Year” by The Music Traders.
    • Introducing the Crown Jewel collection for use in Steinway pianos.
    • Introducing and Establishing William Steinway
  • 2003 to Present
    • Introducing the Boston Performance Edition piano.
    • Introducing the full-featured digital metronome app.

So, Steinway and Sons has always been on its toes to provide its customers with the best. It has never failed to surprise its customers with its unique and classic collection of pianos.