The History of Chappell and Co.


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In the world of business, it is always an excellent strategy to inform your audience first and then persuade them to buy your product. When it comes to the piano industry, people who are looking for pianos are well aware of the characteristics and distinctions they are seeking.

A piano is a musical instrument that forms the basis of all the success, achievements, and routes of a pianist. Among the pianos in those industries, Chappell and Co. Pianos does hold a significant position.

We have worked on many Chappell and Co. pianos, and you can find some of the ones we have worked with on our Gallery page.

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Chappell and Co. Pianos Est. Since 1811

The very initial professional years of Chappell and Company were focused on publications related to music. People believe in writing and the information it presents. It was in 1811 that the foundation of this company was laid by three of the best-known people: Samuel Chappell, Francis Latout, and Johann Chappell.

The company is famous for its musical publications as well as its pianos. The two main distinctive products of the company are pianos and musical sheets.

Chappell and Co History Timeline

The Chappell and Company hold a fascinating and elevated history timeline. It has never failed to surprise its circle of customers with the best-quality upright and grand pianos.

  • 1811 to 1841
    • Laying the foundation of the Chappell piano factory
    • Forming the Philharmonic Society.
    • Retailing the pianos in the company store.
    • Death of the Chappell and taking over of the control by his son, William Chappell.
    • Starting to build their own pianos.
    • The control was taken over by Thomas Patey Chappell.
  • 1841 to 1871
    • Joining of the Cramer and Co. by William Chappell after leaving.
    • Laying the foundation of the Percy Society.
    • Managing the successful concerts, operas and other distinctive events.
  • 1871 to 1901
    • Ending of the management of concerts and events.
    • Thomas Patey Chappell becomes the founding member of the Music Publishers Association.
    • Becoming the first chairman of the Music Publishers Association.
  • 1901 to 1931
    • Gaining the success of the several publications, including operas of Gilbert and Sullivan.
    • Successes of the other pieces of music for example music of the Arthur Sullivan, and Bohemian Girl etc.
  • 1931 to 1961
    • Becoming the leading piano manufacturers and music publishers in the sphere of Britain.
  • 1961 to 1991
    • Destruction of the building by fire and the rebuilding of the building.
    • Becoming the worldwide leader known for publishing musical theatre works, for example, Rodgers and Hammerstein.
    • Selling of the retail activities of the company.
    • Concentrating the whole focus of the company on music publishing.
    • Buying the premises of the company by Kemble Pianos.
    • Acquiring of the publishing business of Chappell and Company by PolyGram.
    • Selling the company to Warner Music Group.
  • 1991 to Present
    • Merging the publishing corporations of music publishing in the division of Warner Group Music names as Warner Chappell Music.

All in all, though the company is working in a division of Warner Group of Music, Chappell and Co. Pianos do stand as the symbol of quality and perfection among the famous piano brands.

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