The History of the Bösendorfer Company


Woman In Blue Dress Playing A Black Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Pianos are an essential component of music. Pianists always ensure to put their hands on the best of the pianos to enhance the sound effects and quality of their music. There are many companies around the world which are offering the services of piano production to the large circle of their customers.

The best part is that every company holds its focus when it comes to pianos. It’s all about the priorities of a company which play an essential part in the selection of a piano by the customers. Among those renowned companies, Bösendorfer stands as an eminent Austrian piano manufacturing company. Bösendorfer is one of the highly reputable and old piano manufacturing companies.

Bösendorfer Pianos Est 1828

It was established by Ignaz Bösendorfer in 1828. Since then, the company has always provided its customers with the best quality pianos holding all the characteristics to perfection. The company presently works as the daughter company of the Yamaha Corporation.

Bösendorfer Pianos History Timeline

The Bösendorfer piano company is one of the oldest piano manufacturing companies. The company holds a fascinating history timeline.

  • 1828 to 1868
    • Establishing the Bösendorfer Piano Company
    • Gaining the official status of the piano makers to the Emperor of Austria.
    • Taking over the control by the son of Ignaz Bösendorfer, Ludwig Bösendorfer.
    • Death of the founder of the company, Ignaz Bösendorfer.
    • Gaining the award for the “Patent Grand”.
    • Participating in the World Exhibition held in Paris.
  • 1868 to 1908
    • Buying the building at Graf-Starhemberggasse, Vienna.
    • Inauguration of the Bösendorfer
    • Accepting the challenge of Ferruccio Busoni is and manufacturing the Concert Grand 290, also known as the Bösendorfer Imperial.
  • 1908 to 1948
    • Selling of the factory to Carl Hutterstrasser because of not having any children as the heirs.
    • Death of the Ludwig.
    • Winning the “Grand Prix” in Geneva.
    • The downgrading of the production of the instruments of a company to 52 musical instruments per year due to the economic crisis.
    • Recovering the production of the company by winning the competition of the BBC.
    • Death of the Carl Hutterstrasser and taking control over by his sons.
  • 1948 to 1988
    • Celebrating the 125th anniversary.
    • Improving the production rates slowly after the stabilization from the circumstances of the wars.
    • Celebrating the 150th anniversary.
    • Presenting the first self-playing Imperial 290.
  • 1988 to Present
    • Selling of the company to BAWAG-PSK Group by Kimball.
    • Acquiring the company by Yamaha, Japanese Enterprise.
    • The Austrian manufacturer continues to operate independently to preserve the heritage of decades.
    • Working closely with the Yamaha Corporation.
    • Producing the 300 premium musical instruments per year.

Bösendorfer Pianos have two main distinctive elements of the pianos, the company has managed to produce. Those fantastic products of the company which was able to gain the attention of a large number of audiences are the 97-key model and the 92-key model of pianos.

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