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Fazioli Pianos

The Inside Of A Fazioli Grand Piano

When it comes to the industry of pianos, quality is an important aspect, no piano can be considered as a good one if it is not able to produce a signature sound effect. There are many piano brands around the world, but among them, very few can achieve the level of perfection in their pianos. Fazioli Piano Company do stand out because of its motive of producing the perfect. Fazioli pianos are known all over the world because of their unique characteristics and fantastic sound reflections.

Established Since 1878

Laptop With Image Of Paolo Fazioli Creating A Grand Piano

The person behind the process of forming the base of this great company is Paolo Fazioli. He is a mechanical engineer by degree as well as hold some specific diplomas in the piano. He took over his family business of office furniture. But, the sole purpose of his life was to produce the best pianos in the world. This was achieved in 1878 when he laid the foundation of Fazioli Pianos within the furniture plant. Since then, Fazioli holds a fantastic reputation when it comes to the production of Concert Grade Grand Pianos.

Fazioli Pianos History Timeline

Fazioli Pianos holds a great history. So, let’s dive into some significantly notable timeline events of its history.

  • 1978 to 1988
    • Establishing the Fazioli Pianos company within one of the furniture plants of his family business located in Sacile, Venice.
    • Starting the work on the design of the first prototype of the Fazioli Baby Grand.
    • Completing the process of creating three prototypes for piano models.
    • Officially incorporating the Fazioli Pianos
    • Raising the production of the company to two pianos.
    • Receiving the first public performance of the Fazioli F308.
    • Collaborating with Zanussi Institute Research and Development Centre.
    • The visit and performance of the pianist Nikita Magalof in Sacile factory.
  • 1988 to 1998
    • Exhibiting the Fazioli Pianofirti at the NAAM show, California.
    • Displaying of the company at MUSIC CHINA, Shanghai.
    • Participating in the Gina Bachauer Piano Competition.
    • Selection of Fazioli pianos for different concerts.
    • The building of the grand concert Fazioli Brunei piano for Sultan of Brunei.
    • Use of Fazioli pianos at Umbria Jazz for the first time.
    • Purchasing a new area for the construction of a new plant.
  • 1998 to 2008
    • Opening of the new factory.
    • Establishing a productive relationship with famous pianist Angela Hewitt.
    • Company production reached more than a hundred pianos.
    • Celebration of the 25th year in business.
  • 2008 to Present
    • First-time use of Fazioli piano on stage at Chopin Piano Competition, Warsaw.
    • Becoming the choice of many pianists for distinctive concerts and competitions.

Fazioli has been able to provide its customers with the best of all the time. Many famous pianists have appreciated the quality and sound effects of Fazioli pianos. Fazioli pianos have been the honour of many memorable concerts and high-level competitions.

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