The History of the Yamaha Corporation


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Find this article compiled by AMH Pianos Services London of  Yamaha History .As human beings, we hold hectic schedules daily and crave certain breaks throughout the day, which usually constitutes the aspect of entertainment. Every person makes his or her own choice of the distinction between entertainment, but the most common among all of these is music. Do you enjoy music? What about some relaxing piano music? The piano is one of the significant gems of music. So, if you are a piano enthusiast, you should know a bit about the famous piano brand.

The brand name is Yamaha Corporation Japan. Are bikes the first thing that comes to mind after reading this? Give us some time while we unfold. We have tuned hundreds of Acoustic Yamaha Grand and Upright pianos, and you can find many of the ones AMH Pianos have worked with on our gallery page.

Yamaha Pianos Since 1887

Yamaha Corporation is a multinational company. It was founded in 1887 and had ownership of very distinctive products and industries in different niches. Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. was one of its divisions, which became independent in 1955. Yamaha Corporation is the world’s largest digital and acoustic piano manufacturer.

Yamaha Corporation has been offering its customers several products and services for 131 years. Some of the products offered by this corporation are as follows: musical instruments, audio equipment, and its subsidiary, Yamaha Motors.

The Yamaha Corporation makes three line types of acoustic pianos, which are premium concert-grade pianos and professional, less expensive grand and upright pianos. They are also one of the first manufacturers to bring us hybrid models such as the Yamaha Avant Grand, which, using their slogan, is a piano with “Everything You Want From an Acoustic, Everything You Need From a Digital”.

Yamaha Corporation History Timeline

The best part about this corporation is its age, which is 131 years. For all this time, they have been expanding their business and range of products to provide their customers with the best of all. Here is a brief Yamaha Corporation history timeline.

  • 1887 to 1917
    • The owner of Yamaha Corporation (Torakusu Yamaha) builds his first reed organ. It leads to the establishment of Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd. (the old name for Yamaha Corporation). And the company started the production of upright pianos right away, in 1900.
  • 1917 to 1947
    • The corporation excelled in the production of upright pianos as well as being able to broaden the sphere of its clients.
  • 1947 to 1977
    • Listed its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • Establishing the Yamaha Music Foundation and holding the pilot classes there
    • Founding and splitting of the motorbike corporation (Yamaha Motors)
    • Establishing the overseas subsidiary (first in Mexico)
    • Starting the production of electronic organs.
    • Upgrading to Yamaha International Corporation.
    • Starting the recreation business.
    • Producing products related to lifestyle, wind instruments, and semi-conductors.
  • 1977 to 2007
    • During this time circle, the company completed its 100 years, and its name was changed to Yamaha Corporation.
    • Establishing the Yamaha Music and Electronics Co. (China)
    • Acquiring Steinberg Media Technologies.
    • Establishing the company holding the music entertainment business
  • 2007 to Present
    • During this time, the company worked on its whole setup, ranging from the expansion of the building to other developments. Along with that, it completed the integration of Japanese wind instrument factories into Japan. The Corporation of Yamaha Music Japan Co. was also established.

So, now you know Yamaha as more than just a motorcycle manufacturing company. It’s one of Yamaha Corporation’s lists of subsidiaries. The primary work of this corporation revolves around the manufacturing of pianos.

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