The Top 5 Piano Brands in the World


Closeup Of The Strings On A Grand Piano

My name is Andy Howard, and provide piano tuning services. I often get asked what the best piano brand is. Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the modern piano. There are hundreds of piano makers in the world; however, only a few have the quality and history to stand out. In essence, you can recognise the best piano makers by their timeless instruments that produce unrivalled sound, power, tone, and range. What is the best piano brand? That’s very subjective; however, below is a list of the 5 most recognised leading piano brands in the world.

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Top Piano Brands

Below, you can find a list of what I consider my top 5 pianos to play and work on. I do have other favourites, but if I had to narrow them down, these would be them.

Steinway And Sons Grand Piano

1. Steinway & Sons

This is an American product. Right now, undoubtedly, this is the leading brand and the most preferred choice of the performing artists.

Piano Keys Close Up With Blured Background

2. Mason And Hamlin

This is an American product. With a focus solely on quality and not quantity, Mason and Hamlin produce only 50 upright and 300 grand pianos a year.

Yamaha Black Straight Leg Grand Piano With Stool

3. Yamaha

This is a Japanese product. One of the most consistent brands that have been recognised for their longevity and quality that lasts years.

Close Up Of A Upright Piano With Sun Rays Bouncing Of The Keys

4. Bösendorfer

This is an Austrian product, and they make only a few hundred pianos a year, and each one of them is handmade. The grand pianos are specifically remarkable.

Baldwin Black Spade Leg Grand Piano

5. Baldwin

This is an American product. Famous for its rich sound and dynamic range. Over the years, each brand name has created a reputation for themselves, and you can definitely trust them. Nevertheless, it is always good considering something different as there is a variety of brands that may suit your need better and more affordable. I sincerely hope this list will help you find the right instrument for you.

Kawai Black High Gloss Institutional Style Upright Piano

Update: Kawai Pianos

Since adding this article a few years ago, Kawai pianos have grown on me, and they have been very successful in growth becoming one of the most popular brands in the UK and the rest of the world. You can discover more brands on our gallery page.