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The top 5 piano brands

When tuning or repairing a piano I often get asked who are the best piano makers. Well, since Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the modern piano there have been hundreds of piano makers in the world but only a few have the quality and history to stand out.

In essence you can recongnise the best piano makers by their timeless instruments that produce unrivaled sound, power, tone and range.

Andy tuning a piano

So what is the best piano brand? That’s very subjective, however below there is a list of the 5 most recognised leading piano brands in the world.


American product. Right now undoubtedly this is the leading brand and the most preferred choice of the performing artists.


American product. With a focus solely on quality and not quantity they produce only 50 upright and 300 grand pianos a year.


Japanese product. One of the most consistent brands that has been recognised for their longevity and quality that lasts years .


Austrian product. They make only a few hundred pianos a year and each one of them is handmade. The grand pianos are specifically remarkable.


American product. Famous for its rich sound and dynamic range.

Over the years each brand name has created a reputation for themselves and you can definitely trust them. Nevertheless it is always good considering something different as there is a variety of brands that may suit your need better and more affordable. I sincerely hope this list will help you find the right instrument for you.

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