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AMH Pianos Services London can cater to all of your piano needs in Greenwich. Services include piano servicing, tuning, repairs, restores, removals and we even have lots of pianos for sale.

AMH has built a fantastic reputation with our customers and goes above and beyond with all your piano needs. Our team have the knowledge and skill with many decades of combined experience between them, allowing us to find minor to, significant faults and fixing them within the same day.

Our friendly company offer good value for money and is always comparing prices to other services to make sure we are as competitive as possible for our valued customers.

SE10 piano services - piano moving throughput all areas of SE10, South East London.

SE7 piano remvoals ,Greewnich

SE7 Professional Piano Tuning Service

Tuning a piano takes a highly skilled technician, and it takes many years of study and experience to achieve the skill of tuning. Here at AMH Piano Servicing London, all of our staff are skilled, with many years of experience between them.

All pianos should be tuned in at 440 Hz whenever possible, which is the international pitch standard and helps the pianist stay in tune with other musicians using other instruments.

Over time, just like all types of instruments, pianos can lose their tone, and this can be due to many different factors, including changes in humidity and temperature.

We recommend that pianos receive professional tuning at least once a year. Our friendly staff can schedule this in as a routine to prevent unexpected repair bills further down the line.

AMH Pianos Services London has been tuning upright, grand, and baby grand pianos all across the borough of Greenwich for many years. We have thousands of satisfied customers all across East London.

At AMH we have tuned thousands of upright, grand and baby grand pianos in Charlton, Westcombe Park and Woolwich. We have experience repairing and tuning a massive range of manufacturers, notably some of the best pianos available, which include but not limited to:

  1. Yamaha C3 Silent Disklavier Grand Piano
  2. Pinkham Baby Grand Piano
  3. Gebr Perzina Upright piano
  4. George Rogers Upright Piano
  5. Yamaha A1S Grand Piano Silent
  6. icon with text for sale C.Bechstein Upright Piano MOD IV
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  7. icon with text for sale Bechstein Mod 8 Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  8. icon with text for sale Danemann Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
SE10 Piano tuning, piano repairs and piano restoration. Providing piano services in SE10- South East London

SE7 piano tuning,Grewwnch

SE7  Piano Repair, Servicing and Restoration Services

Our team pride themselves on providing high-quality services and this includes repair, servicing and restoration. We will also supply our customers with the best maintenance advice and tips to keep their piano in the best condition to avoid any unexpected bills.

Pianos are beautiful instruments and have over 1000 moving parts, which, over time, will show signs of wear and tear. Pianos need a good maintenance routine to ensure the best upkeep.

Our team of staff has serviced hundreds of pianos across Greenwich over the years. They can find faults and fix them within the same day of booking, including broken pedals, broken springs, removing foreign objects, regulation work, and internal cleaning.

We have thousands of parts stocked in our workshop, and in the rare chance we don’t have the needed part in stock, we can get it for you the next day.

We can provide a full restoration service for upright and grand pianos at all different levels of restoration, depending on our customer’s wishes. AMH offers complete restoration services for both grand and upright pianos at all different restoration levels.

SE10 Piano repairs for broken keys and action repairs in South East London

SE7 pianor repairs, Greenwich

SE7 Piano Removal Services

Moving your piano takes a skilled and experienced worker, to say the least, Your piano is a large, heavy and fragile instrument to move. It requires a specific way to relocate it. Due to the intricacy of its moving parts and high value, it is highly essential to hire a specialist instead of a regular man and van.

Should you wish to find out more about, Royal Borough of Greenwich Piano Removals and Disposals, follow the link.

Most people resort to calling house removal companies because they tend to think the service is cheaper. Our friendly company can reassure you that we are highly competitive with our pricing and will turn up on time to provide you with a safe and delicate operation.

We are fully insured to relocate all types and sizes of pianos from one location to another. Our team dismantles pianos safely and then assembles them back together and ensure they play correctly in their new place.

Our customers don’t need to provide anything for the removal, as we always carry cover sheets, rollers, ramps, and all of the suitable equipment required for the removal.

Grand piano tuning for SE10 ,South East London

SE7 piano restoration , Greenwich

Superb Customer Service

AMH Pianos Services London have been servicing customers pianos in Greenwich for almost two decades, and in the time we have been established, we continue to flourish and grow every year.

Our growth is a result of the best team a small business could hope for; our customers are superb, and they return to us whenever their piano is suffering from one or more problems.

We have private offices, workshops and studios in:

But please do not just take our word for it, check for yourselves by reviewing our continued superb reputation on the likes of Google, Facebook and the Institute Of Musical Instrument Technology.


AMH Pianos Services, Greenwich.

SE3 Blackheath Charlton and Hanover piano tuning and repairs by AMH Pianos

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SE9 Piano Tuning and Repairs for Upright and Grand Pianos

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SE2 Abbey Wood Piano tuning and restoration by AMH Pianos

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Professional piano removals in SE12 Lee, London

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Expert Piano Tuners in SE10 Cutty Sark, London

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Professional piano removal company in SE3 Woolwich, London.

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