Piano Servicing, Tuning, Repairs and Removals in Bromley

Pianos Services in Bromley
Inc. Beckenham, Orpington and West Wickham

AMH Pianos Services London has a passion for music and pianos. Our team regularly go above and beyond to exceed our customer’s expectations in the Borough of Bromley. Catering for all your piano needs our professional services are piano servicing, tuning, repairs, restores, removals and we even have lots of pianos for sale. We have multiple professional pianos technicians in South East London, willing, and waiting to take your call.

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Young Woman Playing On A Grand Piano

Professional Piano Tuning Service

Our experienced team tune pianos to the very best standards. Using A440 Hz tuning (Concert Grade) whenever possible, we promise you will not be disappointed with our service, or the results.

We tune grand, baby grand and upright pianos. All our team members are fully insured and have a current DBS check allowing us to work in staff at AMH are fully insured, and all carry a current DBS allowing us to work in schools, colleges, music schools, residential properties, theatres and more.

At AMH we have tuned thousands of upright, grand and baby grand pianos in Beckenham, Orpington and West Wickham. We have experience repairing and tuning a massive range of manufacturers, notably some of the best pianos available, which include but not limited to:

  1. Yamaha UX3 Upright Piano c1984
  2. Yamaha U1 Silent Upright Piano
  3. Offenbach Grand Piano c1995
  4. Gores & Kallman Red Baby Grand
  5. Kawai White Baby Grand Piano GM-2
  6. icon with text for sale C.Bechstein Upright Piano MOD IV
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  7. icon with text for sale Bechstein Mod 8 Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  8. icon with text for sale Danemann Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
Sheet Music On A Grand Piano In A Rehearsal Studio

Piano Repair, Servicing and Restoration Services

We repair and replace parts on all types of pianos. We can replace hammer shanks, whippen, dampers, felts, keys, pedals, strings and more. Our team frequently complete repair jobs on the same day of your booking.

If you’re a beginner or professional and want someone to care for your piano throughout the year, then the team at AMH can help you. We provide regular health checks for your piano on a tri-annual, bi-annual or annual basis. During our inspection, we will look for faults and tuning issues.

Maybe you a vintage piano that no longer works, and has many issues, but you would instead save it, then throw it? Then our restoration service is perfect. We can collect your piano and take it to our workshop where we can rebuild and refurbish your piano.

Young Woman Playing On A Grand Piano Birdseye View

Piano Removal Services

Everyone hates moving, and if you have a valued piano that you simply do not want to run the risk using a standard removal company then let us help you with a professional, insured and experienced piano moving service.

We are more than happy to safely remove and relocate to another room in the house, another building or even to a storage unit. We use specialist equipment to transfer pianos safely, and this includes ramps, rollers, cover sheets and more.

Grand Piano And Piano Stool In A Rehearsal Studio

Superb Customer Service

AMH Pianos Services London have been servicing customers pianos in the Bromley for almost two decades, and in the time we have been established, we continue to flourish and grow every year. We have multiple offices, and workshops across London, expect only the best from us.

We have private offices, workshops and studios in:

But please do not just take our word for it, check for yourselves by reviewing our continued superb reputation on the likes of Google, Facebook and the Institute Of Musical Instrument Technology.