Does Tuning a Piano Include Repairs?


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Some people ask during a tuning service, whether fixing faults or broken keys is a part of that service and we would say that fixing faults or any other issues are not part of a piano tuning service.

The reason is that fixing the piano is always completed whenever a piano has been damaged in any way, and this is when a piano specialist would step in to fix the issue.

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Tuning a Piano is a Gradual Process

A piano tuning service is a gradual process that takes place regularly where an expert seeks to align the pitch and keys properly. A skilled piano technician will have a musical ear to know how to align and tune the keys so that they produce the most beautiful notes in the best way possible.

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Costs to Consider

Another factor to consider when it comes to tuning a piano and fixing a piano is the cost. Depending on the type of damage that needs fixing will depend on the amount that is charged. Piano tuning is a uniform process that may not vary very much in costing unless the demographics are too far apart.

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Repairing a Piano Often Takes Much Longer Than a Tune

Piano repair services are more of a demanding service compared to a tuning service; therefore, it cannot be considered to be part of the tuning process. The two services are very different processes for each other, and they require different specialisms too, to some extent.

If you have a piano in London that needs repairing, please visit our piano repair services page for more details on how we can help you fix your piano and get you up and playing!

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