Piano Servicing, Tuning, Repairs and Removals in Lewisham

Pianos Services in Lewisham
Inc. Catford, Hither Green and Lee

AMH Pianos Services London has been providing piano services across the borough of Lewisham for over seven years now and has a fantastic reputation for being reliable and professional.

All of our dedicated staff have many years between them of experience and knowledge that helps our customers. We fix the issues that have risen with their pianos and the best maintenance care we can supply.

Our professional services include tuning, repairs, removals, piano reconditioning and much more. We can schedule you in for regular maintenance checks or a once a year tuning session.

Keeping on top of your piano maintenance routine leads to a healthy-sounding piano, which will keep the piano sounding great for all the family for many years to come.

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Professional Piano Tuning Service

Our skilled staff treat every piano with respect and safely bring back the out of tune notes to its full potential again. We tune grand, baby grand or upright pianos. We have tuned pianos all across East London and especially Lewisham.

Why do pianos lose their tune? Pianos are sensitive to changes in temperature, no matter how small, these changes can affect the pianos sound. Room climate and moisture in the air can cause tension and movement on the strings causing the vibrations to change, and the piano sounds out of tune.

At AMH we have tuned thousands of upright, grand and baby grand pianos in Catford, Hither Green and Lee. We have experience repairing and tuning a massive range of manufacturers, notably some of the best pianos available, which include but not limited to:

  1. Kawai Hat-20 Silent Upright Piano
  2. Kemble K109 Upright Silent Chrome Piano
  3. George Steck Mahogany Baby Grand Piano (German made C1930)
  4. Young Chang 185cm Grand Piano
  5. Gores & Kallman 4.6ft Red Baby Grand
  6. icon with text for sale C.Bechstein Upright Piano MOD IV
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  7. icon with text for sale Bechstein Mod 8 Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
  8. icon with text for sale Danemann Upright Piano
    This piano is for sale, and you can find in our online shop here.
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Piano Repair, Servicing and Restoration Services

So your piano needs a minor repair, major repair, maintenance or a full restoration? Our knowledgeable team is here to get your beloved piano back to complete working order again.

Your piano should have a maintenance routine, and you should seek professional help for any repair. We fix broken strings, broken pedals and all other issues that prevent the piano from working correctly.

We also do internal cleaning and the removing of known, and unknown foreign objects, or anything else that can harm the piano. Our services will ensure your piano has the elegant sound and touch that you cherish.

If you have an old piano passed down from your grandparents or perhaps even longer then they can become easily neglected and need reconditioning. At AMH we make old pianos look new while maintaining their original and desired style while making improvements with even better sound output.

Our skilled team can access an old piano and then carry out a restoration project on it. This project can be on certain parts of the piano or a full restoration bringing it back to its former beauty for your family to continue passing it down through the generations.

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Piano Removal Services

Piano removals in no easy task and it involves a dedicated team to relocate carefully and safely without damaging the piano itself. AMH Pianos Services London offers a fully insured removal service across Lewisham and has relocated thousands of pianos with no damage.

Our removal service included relocating your piano to a different room, building, placing it in storage or delivering your new piano whatever you need.

We can give you extra peace of mind that our service that we are fully insured and all of our staff carry DBS checks. Our certified team can enter private and public buildings, including removing pianos from schools, colleges, music halls, theatres and all other venues.

Our professional and specialist piano removal service is hassle-free. We have the experience and reputation of being reliable from all of our years carrying out removals for all of our customers.

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Superb Customer Service

AMH Pianos Services London have been servicing customers pianos in the London Borough of Lewisham for almost two decades, and in the time we have been established, we continue to flourish and grow every year.

AMH Pianos is open seven days a week to allow ourselves to be as flexible for our customers during the week as they need us to be. Our pricing is very competitive to ensure our customers are getting the best deal and return for the next session.

Our growth is a result of the best team a small business could hope for, our customer is superb, and our customers return to us whenever their piano is suffering from one or more problems.

We have private offices, workshops and studios in:

But please do not just take our word for it, check for yourselves by reviewing our continued superb reputation on the likes of Google, Facebook and the Institute Of Musical Instrument Technology.