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The Most Asked Piano-Related Question

I sometimes find the conversations I have with clients exciting, especially when it comes to Piano Tuning. The customer will call me up and ask “How much is it to get my Piano Tuned”? like most things in life the answer is not so straight forward. It really depends I reply, but to help determine the price I ask every customer:

  • When was the Piano last Tuned?
  • How old is the Piano?
  • Has the Piano been moved recently?
  • Is the Piano serviced regularly?
  • Do you play the Piano alongside other instruments?

These points need to be considered, as mentioned there can be lots of different forms of Piano Tuning. If a Piano is not tuned regularly, at least once a year, the pitch of the Piano can drop, which means the Piano will need a pitch move or a double tuning. This is also important when the Piano is being used with other instruments, as they are tuned to concert standard pitch A440.

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Customers Will Also Say…

The client can also say, “the piano hasn’t been used much”, which makes them think, there is less work to get their Piano back in tune. Piano Tuning is only one aspect of Piano Servicing, within a piano, there are hundreds of moving parts which enable the Piano to function. Should there be issues with Keys not working and or playing correctly, this is not Piano Tuning.

The Action within the Piano may need Regulating, this is finely regulating the moving part of the action within the Piano, making sure the keys play, and the hammers respond and create a feeling. When playing the instrument, these aspects are separate from each other, which means, Piano Tuning and Piano Repairs are two separate things and need to be considered when calling a Professional Piano Technician like myself.

If you have a piano in London, and you want the very best tuning experience, then please get in touch with myself or one of my team members by calling us on 07500 661581. If you would like to see how much we charge customers in London, for tuning then please take a look at the question and answer: How much does it cost to tune a piano in London? On our FAQ page.