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Thank you for visiting the AMH Pianos Services London Frequently Asked Questions page. We have compiled a list of the most common piano-related questions. Hopefully you will find the answers to your questions without having to call or wait for a email response.

tuning of a large piano

Photography by Katie Fricker License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Below you can find many questions, and you can view the answers by clicking the questions labels to view the answer for that particular question. In the event you cannot find an answer to one or more of your questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team in London.

Piano Voicing is the process in which the hammers are either made softer or harder to create the tone when playing the piano. Soft hammerheads will help to produce a more mellow tone, and a harder hammerhead will create a brighter sound to your piano. Should you wish the tone to be changed, please check our piano servicing in London.

Your piano is sensitive to climatic change, so piano care is necessary. If possible, avoid positioning your piano in the path of a radiator. Be aware of air conditioning systems and heating vents. Avoid direct sunlight as this may bleach the case finish and expand the metal strings causing the piano to go out of tune.

Try using a piece of clean cheesecloth lightly dampened with water to clean the keys. Make sure any excess water is quickly removed to ensure water does not run between the piano keys. When cleaning the exterior of the piano, follow the instructions above, again, with a soft dry cloth, remove excess moisture from the piano casework.

If the piano has a wood finish, always wipe in the direction of the grain. Wiping the wood grain will help to remove any build-up of dust. Internal cleaning can be carried out at the time of appointment, if and when required.

Piano servicing is the process of making adjustments to the action inside of the piano. Regulating the piano keys and action enables the technician to change the touch, consistency and physical performance of your instrument. There are many moving parts within the piano which from time to time will need attention, regulating and servicing due to wear and tear.

This process is like having a Car MOT but for Pianos which keeps the piano performing and responding to its full potential. Please check the Piano Servicing Page.

Moving a piano is a specialist job! I would suggest not moving your piano yourself for many reasons, as the actual size and weight of the instrument needs to be handled with care. Also, the piano has many moving parts which could suffer damage during transit.

Our professional piano removal team have the working knowledge and equipment to safely move your musical investment, while also being fully insured and DBS checked.

The primary reason the piano goes out of tune is because of a change of pitch which is due to contraction and expansion of the strings. Reason for this is due to temperature variation as a result of atmospheric variations and particularly humidity.

When the tension in string changes, the pitch will also change, resulting in a note that is out of tune. Tuning pins can lose tension and slip, thus allowing movement of the strings affecting the tuning of the piano.

Want to learn more about our Piano Tuning Services? then please visit our dedicated page for tuning grands and upright pianos in London.

Most grand and upright piano manufacturers suggest their products should be professional tuned every six months, to keep your instrument sounding perfectly in tune and on concert pitch.

At AMH Piano Services London, we only use traditionally trained piano tuners with multiple diplomas such as AEWVH and M.I.M.I.T. Andrew Howard uses a tuning fork to check the pitch of the piano. He has gained the skill to tune your instrument purely by ear, having trained for over three years to a very high standard.

On average we charge between £80 and £150 for our tuning services for grand and upright pianos that are located in London. Sometimes this cost can increase depending on the age, condition and type or brand of piano.

Servicing and tuning your Piano on a regular basis with AMH Piano Services London is cost effective and saves you money, for example:

  • Bi-annual piano tuning is £70 and will only take one hour to tune piano.
  • Annual tuning is £80 and will only take one hour to tune the piano.

New customers or customers that have a piano which has not received a tuning for more than two years, or if the piano has had its location moved will cost £100. For pianos that have not had a service or tuning for more more than five years will be £150 minimal and will take roughly two hours to tune. Pitch moving a piano costs £150 and will take a two-hour appointment arranged at your convenience.

Piano tuning cost within the UK but outside of London will vary depending on where you live. Generally from my research and experience piano tuners charge from £40 to £200, depending on the amount of work that needs to be carried out. If your piano has not several years, it would take more time and effort and naturally costs more the piano tuning to be carried out.

Good question! The question is yes but only if you are willing to spend lots of time learning how to do it, even then, the quality of the tuning would not be equal to someone that has been tuning pianos for a very long time. If you are looking for professional results, then choose a trained and professional piano tuner. Piano tuning services are cheaper than most people would think they are.

We offer competeive pricing for our professional piano removal service in London. Pricing for our removal service will vary depending on where the Piano is and where it needs to go. For example, moving the piano from one room to another is going to be fair cheaper than moving it from one building to another.

There are many variables such as:

  1. How difficult the move will be.
  2. How heavy the piano is and if it needs dismantling.
  3. The distance the piano needs to go from one location to another.

For further information or more fine details on our pricing for piano removals, please get in touch by calling us on 075 0066 1581.

Servicing a piano has many varibles but on average it takes between half to a full day to properly service a piano. AMH Piano Services London charges:

  • Half-day Piano Servicing: £280
  • Full-day Piano Servicing: £390

Andrew Howard is our professional tuner who has worked in the industry for over 20 years, some people are surprised that what he does as a profession, they ask him are there many pianos out there any more to tune?

So we thought we would do our research on how many piano tuners operate within London and we made a few calculations.

In London, there are around 8 million people, and out of that of person, every 50 owns a piano. If they tune their piano once a year, considering that a good piano tuner can tune up to 5 pianos per day and can work 230 days per year, there should be around 140 piano tuners in London alone.

Great question and we are pleased to inform you, yes we do. Please visit our pianos for sale page and bookmark the page as we will regularly update the page as we clear out stock and get new stock in.