What is it that makes a Professional Piano Tuner?

Professional Piano Tuner – what is it all about!?

Thought I would share my thoughts about what I believe makes a good Piano Tuner.

As any service professional, you need to have good social skills, being able to talk with your clients, impart information, and most importantly understand how to deal with your clients requests.

Being a good time keeper , arriving at the customers house looking like you haven’t been dragged through a hedge backwards also helps, to demonstrate competence and willingness to make the right kind of impression, as they say first impression counts for a lot.

This is even before I  talk about the training and skill set of a “professional Piano Tuner”.

In our  working day, we can go to lots of places to tune pianos,  this can range from a school, some ones home, or a theatre.  Being aware of the social and professional requirements, of each kind of work is necessary to act appropriately in all settings.

Having some understanding of music, and possibly, being a musician can help with the theory of our work, and what it is a professional Piano Tuner actually does during a working day.

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Being a diplomat can also help, because, people seem to get really attached to their pianos, and sometimes take professional advice as some kind of personal attack. People and pianos, seem to have more of a connection then any other domestic item. Maybe I’m wrong, but some people take personal offence, if your boiler needs changing, the thing that keeps you warm every winter. Are there central heating service professionals who face the same kind of emotional connection with their line of work. Clients saying you can’t talk about my boiler like that!!!

Having a good understanding of business also helps, you can be the best Piano Tuner out  there, but if you haven’t got any Pianos to tune then your skills we never see the light of day.

Being willing to be mobile, and travel to lots of different places really helps, because unfortunately, clients are unwilling to bring the Piano to me to get tuned.

Képtalálat a következőre: „amh pianos piano tuner”

I am always so imspiered by Blind Piano Tuners who are out and about all over the UK every day, earning a living Tuning Pianos, have to take on the challenge of moving arroung in places ther have never been before to get to work.

Living in London, the l daily commute is a be deal for lots of people, but can you imagine doing the every day without being able to see?

Hope you enjoyed the start of this blog, will continue next time.

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