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Where to Position Your Piano in Your Home?

Illustration Of A Piano With Text Perfect Positioning

Perfect Piano Positioning Positioning a piano in a home is one of the most essential steps to starting your nurture for your new instrument; with love and tender care, your piano will be a lifelong friend. This guide will cover all the information you should know, which should hopefully help you decide where to position … Continued

How Does An Acoustic Piano Work?

Illustration Of Playing The Piano

Getting to Know Your Piano Better If you are looking at starting to play the piano or maybe you already do but have always wondered how pressing a key produces one of the lives most beautiful sounds, then this is the article for you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced pianist before … Continued

6 Easy Steps to Care for Your Piano

Piano Keys With Blurred Back Drop

Introduction to Caring for Your Piano in 6 Steps Tender loving care is something that all pianos need, but it is not an easy task as you can easily damage your valuable instrument with improper maintenance. Therefore it is essential to know about a few basic rules and things, that you, as a piano owner, … Continued

What Makes a Piano Tuner a Good Professional Tuner?

Black Upright Piano With Tuning Pins And Hammers On Display

What makes a Piano Tuner a Good Professional Tuner? I thought I would share my thoughts about what I believe makes a piano tuner, a professional tuner good? As any , you need to have good social skills, being able to talk with your clients and most importantly understand how to deal with your client’s … Continued

Move Your Piano in 6 Easy Steps

001 Eichner Black Straight Leg Grand Piano Side Shot 1[1]

Piano Moving Instructions and Things to Consider I would like to give away some few useful instructions on how to safely move any kind of piano. Before I start, I would like to remind everyone with even an extensive knowledge of how-to move pianos, that actually moving your piano comes with a lot of responsibility … Continued