Piano Tuners Need to Use Social Media


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At AMH Pianos Services London, I firmly believe that whatever we do, we can do better. My belief in constant improvement resonates strongly with me. Despite receiving excellent testimonials from many of you, I consistently endeavour to provide even greater value and enhance your interaction with my company.

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Sun’s Out Phone’s Out

With the official commencement of summer, as indicated by the Met Office, the prevailing weather has been characterized by warmth and extended periods of sunshine across the region. Whether engaged in a boat ride from the Tower Hill pier or participating in activities such as shopping or dining near Bayswater, it is likely that individuals have kept their mobile phones close at hand, either in their pockets or handbags.

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Social Media Matters

When I initially began, the idea emerged to utilise technology for both professional and recreational purposes. Even today, numerous individuals may not depend on mobile phones, let alone tablets or computers. It is conceivable that the adoption of social media has not fully permeated the community of piano tuners in London and the wider UK.

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Facebook is Essential for Piano Tuners and Piano Repairs

There is a chance that whether it’s a student roaming around High Street Kensington, a tourist wandering near the Baker Street attractions, or even that student’s mother or grandma living in one of the outer boroughs of Bromley or Bexley checking up on them or their friends or family, someone you know might probably be only a few clicks away on Facebook. You can support our small business by liking the [fb]AMH Pianos Services London Facebook[/fb] page.

Love it or loathe it, this platform has become a 1 Billion strong global community, which now has started offering even greater accessibility for blind and partially sighted users like myself by offering audio descriptions of photographs and videos.

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Twitter is Another Golden Platform for Piano Tuners

Then there is Twitter, I love the world’s first genuinely mobile network, which has been the place for breaking news stories. From Ealing to Plaistow, it has enabled me to establish valuable connections and friendships. Despite not identifying as a tech-savvy individual, my primary focus lies inpiano tuning and piano care.

I find it puzzling that a considerable number of fellow enthusiasts remain unaware of the numerous opportunities available within an extensive network. These opportunities are easily accessible, increasingly available, and, notably, free. Considering the extended daylight hours, the vibrant summer atmosphere, and the general excitement in London, it seems logical for individuals to connect with the offerings of the city. Follow us on Twitter.

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Growing Your Piano Tuning Company on Google

How can individuals aiming to expand their businesses overlook the benefits of leveraging Google, where search outcomes directly impact rankings? Additionally, what extent of social interactions might colleagues be overlooking, potentially enhancing their overall quality of life? I consider myself fortunate to fully appreciate the opportunities available in both the physical and digital realms of the capital, continually acquiring new knowledge in a convenient format. Join me, and let’s foster a mutual friendship. In return, I offer my lifelong friendship and ongoing assistance throughout the summer and beyond.

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