Choosing a Piano Tuner? Check Their Reviews on Google


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It is 2015, and most of the people on the planet now have access to the web. Piano tuners, therefore, should be very intent on fostering good relations with their customers, suppliers and distributors. This is because these days, news not only travels fast, it travels instantly, and remains in the public view forever. Whenever you are looking to work with someone new, you have to ensure that their goals and your expectations are on the same page so that you can avoid disappointments later.

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Google+ 2019 Update

To gauge a service provider, you could look into what they think about social media. Google Plus is a social platform where individuals and businesses get together because of their shared interests in various trends.

As of January 30, 2019, Google decided to retired Google+ personal accounts, and it only exists in the Google G Suite, which is limited to internal usage, e.g. Cloud Services. As Google no longer operates the Google+ Service, Businesses must register the Google My Business platform then after customers with a Google account can leave reviews by visiting the company via search results, or by using Google maps. For example, you can view our superb reviews on Google Maps here.

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Android Phones Use Google Accounts

It’s worth mentioning that while a lot of people think Apple iPhones are the most commonly used phone in the UK, they are not. Samsung, Sony, HTC and most other brands use Google’s own Android operating system. Naturally, users in later versions of the OS must register a Google account, enabling them to leave reviews without being prompted to make an account. Therefore only Apple users generally need to make an account, but a lot of users will already have made an account, so the population of those without accounts is tiny.

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Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Platforms

Other sites like Facebook and Twitter provide individuals to talk about their thoughts and feelings about any subject in real-time. Additionally, Linkedin is perhaps the most effective way that you can read your piano tuners CV. The more engaged a piano tuner is on social media, the more easily accessible they are such presence also makes for good accountability and honest, transparent communication.

Also, as a customer, your queries get answered readily, and you can even get a more personalized experience, whenever you see piano tuners who are keen on establishing contact with their clients it shows that they seek to work together with them to provide efficient value for money. It shows their devotion since they are taking time off to post about progress and have dialogues with a human being.

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Word of Mouth Goes Digital

This digital evolution has made it possible to eliminate the traditional model of customers just being another number. The benefits of embracing technology are mutual for the piano tuner and user. Real-time feedback, leading to substantial improvement, is what leads to excellent service in a fast-paced modern world, where ratings are now everything. Sites such as Yell and Thomson Local, once merely a directory listing, have now evolved to also describe the user experience of others, to help you make a more informed choice.

With a recent survey suggesting that as much as 93% of the people now trust online reviews, I find it shocking to know that so many of my contemporaries are still not online. In fact, they refuse to get digitally acquainted, despite being told of the benefits and competitive advantage of doing so. When such people are called on to provide a trade/service, you may find that a lack of digital understanding will probably manifest into a lack of appreciation of today’s lifestyles and the resulting considerations, such as punctuality, communication and flexibility that makes all the difference these days.

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Do Your Research

It is always worth your while to research a particular piano tuner so that you can know just what they are like. Learn what they believe in so that you can be sure that you are reading from the same script during the interaction, which may require repetition. On that subject, please feel free to read our testimonials, and if possible, please write us a review .