Choosing a Piano Tuner? Check Their Reviews on Google


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In 2015, the vast majority of the global population had gained internet access. As a result, Piano tuners, needed to prioritize cultivating strong connections with their clients, suppliers, and distributors. This importance arose from the rapid and instantaneous dissemination of news in today’s digital age, which perpetually keeps information accessible to the public. When considering collaboration with new partners, it becomes essential to align objectives and expectations, preventing future letdowns.

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Google+ 2019 Update

To gauge a service provider, you could look into what they think about social media. Google Plus is a social platform where individuals and businesses get together because of their shared interests in various trends.

As of January 30, 2019, Google decided to retired Google+ personal accounts, and it only exists in the Google G Suite, which is limited to internal usage, e.g. Cloud Services. As Google no longer operates the Google+ Service, Businesses must register the Google Business Profile platform then after customers with a Google account can leave reviews by visiting the company via search results, or by using Google maps. For example, you can view our superb reviews on Google Maps here.

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Android Phones Use Google Accounts

It’s important to note that, contrary to popular belief, Apple iPhones are not the most widely used phone in the UK. Most other companies, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, and others, use Google’s Android operating system. Users of newer OS versions must, of course, create a Google account in order to post reviews without being encouraged to do so. Thus, only Apple users typically need to create an account, but as the majority of users would already have done so, the population of individuals without accounts is extremely small.

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Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Platforms

Other sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow people to share their ideas and feelings about any topic in real time. Furthermore, LinkedIn is possibly the most effective approach to read your piano teacher’s CV. The more active a pianist is on social media, the more accessible they are. Such presence also promotes responsibility and honest, transparent communication.

Also, as a customer, your questions are quickly handled, and you can even get a more personalised experience. Whenever you see piano tuners who are keen on establishing contact with their clients, it shows that they seek to work together with them to provide efficient value for money. IIt demonstrates their dedication because they are taking time away from their work to post about progress and engage in human-to-human interaction.

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Word of Mouth Goes Digital

The conventional concept of seeing customers as nothing more than a number has been rendered obsolete by the development of digital technology. Technology adoption has advantages for both the user and the piano tuner. In today’s fast-paced society, when customer reviews are now everything, outstanding service is the result of real-time input that results in significant change. Sites like Yell and Thomson Local, which were formerly only directory listings, have developed to help you make a more informed decision by additionally describing other people’s user experiences.

With a recent survey suggesting that as much as 93% of people now trust online reviews, I find it shocking to know that so many of my contemporaries are still not online. Despite being informed of the advantages and competitive advantage of doing so, they actually refuse to become familiar with digital technology. When such people are called on to provide a trade or service, you may find that a lack of digital understanding will probably manifest into a lack of appreciation for today’s lifestyles and the resulting considerations, such as punctuality, communication, and flexibility, which these days are crucial.

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Do Your Research

Taking the time to research a specific piano tuner is a valuable investment. Understanding their approach and beliefs ensures you’re on the same page during your interaction, which might necessitate some repetition. On that note, please feel free to read our testimonials, and if possible, please write us a review .

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