The Importance of Being a High Tech local Piano Tuner


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 Local Piano Tuner in London

In recent times, it’s incredible to witness the significant advancements in technology that have positively impacted the life of a local piano tuner.  As a visually-impaired piano technician, my consistent success in providing top-notch professional service hinge on my strong passion, dedication and being a techy piano tuner.

As an experienced piano tuner who relocated to the London Borough of Greenwich in East London, I find the use of modern IT both challenging and exciting at the same time. The fact that I would use my conventional musical training and a tuning fork to calibrate the sound of a musical instrument back to concert levels, travelling to an area of London on the underground, when somebody has probably used their smartphone to contact me really brings together several centuries of human evolution as a single activity.

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Social Media- for a Local Piano Tuner

Thanks to technology, I can now actively engage with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, write blogs, and upload videos to our [youtube]YouTube channel[/youtube]. With assistive technology, it’s easier than ever for a local piano tuner to navigate all the areas covered using GPS, which can provide verbal turn-by-turn directions to any address or postcode—a service that wasn’t available until the turn of the century.


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Technologies Improving for Impaired Users

Now, disabled individuals can reasonably expect more from life by using technology to overcome their physical or sensory limitations. My interest and sheer curiosity in the online world have led to having an appealing website that explains my work, active engagement with disability organizations like The Association of Blind Piano Tuners, planning and researching new business opportunities, and participating in professional organizations such as the Institute of Musical Instrument Technology (IMIT).

The ability to fundraise for Retina by running the London Marathon and receiving valuable feedback from the reviews and comments written by my valued customers, as well as planning my social and recreational activities is now much more comfortable than it was for my peers in the past few decades.

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Adaptive Technology

I would go as far as saying that the presence of adaptive technology makes it possible for me to live an active, independent life, and establish whilst expanding my work, whilst constantly increasingly my productivity even in the busy and relatively new location that is London. I can only hope for it to improve with time and sincerely hope that all possible measures are taken by the Government, businesses and technology companies to allow more disabled people to become self-reliant and more significant contributors in our society.

Among the general public, there is often a fear of new technology primarily due to a lack of understanding about how these systems work and how to make the most of their potential. I sincerely believe that by continuously improving our understanding of these advancements, we can not only eliminate fear but also enhance our abilities, but also become better humans and contribute more effectively to the things we excel at.  For a Local Piano tuner who is blind this is great.

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High-Quality Piano Services in London

On that note, if you would like the best tuning, high-quality maintenance, repair or the safe transportation of your piano then please do not hesitate to contact us by using our online contact, or the old fashioned dog and bone on 07500 661581. Whatever your preference, you can always expect friendly and professional service for which there is no technological substitute anywhere in the world.

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