AMH Piano Services London Spring Celebrations


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As the clocks jump forward, the weather brightens, and with spring, in the air, so is thoughts of love. I feel it is time once again to check in with every one of you, who have made me feel so welcome since my arrival in the capital. There is plenty of exciting news to bring to you.

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AMH Pianos Services London Celebrations

We have some extraordinary success to celebrate as a company. Since all of you have supported me through so many good times and stood by my side to help overcome adversity following my relocation and the establishment of my own piano tuning and removals company, I feel that this entry is to all of my service users, my friends, my guides in an otherwise scary and vicious world.

During almost the last two years, we started AMH Pianos Services London from very humble beginnings. What I possessed, were merely my ambition, ideas for an excellent service, and the skills needed to provide the service, together with my faith and belief in my own abilities to stand and deliver a high standard of work, even at the toughest of assignments.

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First Place

Now, just before, Easter, because of all my well-wishers, I feel that what I see before me is not short of a fantastic miracle. I am so honoured and humbled by the fact that after blood, sweat and tears, we have finally attained the top spot on Google when searching for a Piano Tuner in London.

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Superb Piano Services Feedback

I am incredibly touched by all the outstanding positive testimonials and excellent feedback given to me by so many of you from all walks of life. We now cover most of Greater London and now even cater to the residents of Islington, plus Hackney. From South Bromley to Wapping and all-around Tower Hamlets and Newham, there is a strong chance you would be catered to with that same level of commitment that is expected of AMH.

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Piano Services Improvements

More improvements to our services and presence are on the way very soon, and of course, we appreciate your feedback. You may possibly be wondering about the purpose of me writing this entry, you may most likely be trying to connect all the themes within here: Easter, Spring, London, Daylight Savings, and Piano Maintenance. I can assure you that there is a connection, indeed.

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Giant Leaps Moving Forward

A joyful Easter miracle, lifting me to the top of Google’s summit, could not have come at a more opportune time than the start of spring. As the clocks move forward, I feel that with your support and generosity, my work, skills, and standard of service will continue to move forward, taking giant leaps ahead to usher in brighter days and healthier musical instruments across the City of London. Wish me luck!