Embrace National Piano Month


September Calendar With The 1st Pinned

As you might have guessed, we have a passion for pianos, and we love the fact that the US celebrates National Piano Month every September. We know that we’re over halfway through the month, but there are still plenty of ways in which you can celebrate these versatile instruments. Casio, which is known for producing electronic keyboards as well as watches, is just one of the companies that have been urging people to share their love of pianos and piano music this month.

Of course, it would be even more fitting to play your favourite pieces on your own piano or to help introduce a new generation to the joys of piano music. You can look out for any piano performances taking place in the coming days and weeks to celebrate the music made for this instrument by attending a concert or recital.

Black Grand Piano And Stool In A Modern Room

History of the Piano

One company that offers piano lessons in the US provided a range of suggestions as to how you can mark National Piano Month. Among the suggestions from Take Lessons is to learn about the history of the piano and the wide variety of music that’s played on the instrument. It also recommends doing some reading about the different kinds of pianos you can play.

We recently published an article about who invented the piano, which is a worthy read to learn something you didn’t know.

Enterance To The Piano Museum

Online Piano Museum

The Online Piano Museum is the perfect place to learn about upright, grand, and square pianos, including what defines each one and how they’ve been used in different contexts over the years. It’s also an excellent opportunity to increase the amount you practise at home.

Woman On Her Laptop Watching Piano Tutorial Videos

Piano eLearning using YouTube and Mobile Apps

If you want to learn some new tunes but don’t have the time or money to pay for lessons, you could use YouTube tutorials to help you master a range of songs on the keys. Nowadays, there are also plenty of phone and tablet apps that can be downloaded to help you learn with innovative technology that will spot when you hit the right notes.

A Pianist is Crowned the 14th America’s Got Talent Winner

It also seems fitting that a pianist has been named the winner of the 14th series of Americans Got Talent. Kodi Lee, a 23-year-old who is autistic and blind, won the contest after performing the Calum Scott song ‘You Are The Reason’ as a duet with Leona Lewis.

Kodi beat the Detroit Youth Choir in the final of this season of the talent show. NBC Washington reported that, in addition to winning $1 million, he will also have a residency in Paris, Las Vegas. Tina Lee, Kodi’s mother, told the news provider that it wasn’t just Kodi who had won, but “the world”.

Also worth mentioning is that he played a beautiful White Steinway and Sons Model B Grand Piano, considered one of the best pianos ever produced and costing over £100,000.

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