Tuners Are More Than Just the Mechanics!


Photo Of Andy Howard

My name is Andy Howard, and I am an experienced, qualified piano tuner and technician working within Central London, and East London.

I often have people ask me if an app can tune as good as the ear? Usually, I am astounded by this because it is more than often worded something like this:

“If a smartphone app can determine an instrument’s perfect pitch, then why would anyone require a professional technician to look after their piano?”

Piano tuning apps can be helpful for casual tuning but cannot be compared to the use of professional tuning devices as they are created and made to serve this purpose.

When purchasing an elegant piano, we all know it doesn’t come cheaply, and the more money you put into the piano, the more enjoyment you will receive from the piano as it will enhance the quality of the sound.

We have quality used pianos for sale on our website that are ideal for beginners, teachers, and advanced players. If money is no concern and you want the best of the best, then we recommend the Steinway D-274 Grand Piano, which is notorious for being one of the best pianos ever built.

I have been tuning pianos professionally for many years now and have worked on different brands and models of pianos. I strongly feel that regular maintenance of your pride and joy would give you a longer life for your piano.

Your piano will be a life long friend, and by showing it love and care, you will get the most out of your beautiful instrument and continuously enhanced with time.

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