Christmas Present Ideas for Pianists and Musicians


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As this year is nearly at an end and the big day draws closer upon us, the nation is busily rushing around to fill the bottom of their trees with gifts however there are sometimes people who we tend to stump across with ideas for presents. Within this article, we are going to look at the very best Christmas gifts for the musicians in your life. The very best gift for Christmas that brings so much joy, entertainment and can change a persons life. You are giving so much more than a gift.

Piano Lesson With Christmas Background

Gifting Piano Lessons

Piano lessons can be gifted at any age from a young child to an adult, it really is never too late to start playing. A piano is such an elegant and majestic instrument, and learning to play can bring so much satisfaction to the pianist and to the whole household. It can be hard to find the ultimate gift, we are fortunate nowadays to be able to research Christmas gifts, but there seems to be a lack to find inspiring and creative gifts.

One of the great things about buying lessons as a gift is the fact that you are giving an extraordinarily creative and inspiring gift whilst also showing that you care deeply about their interests and hobbies. Piano lessons are indeed the gift that keeps gifting, you can receive any amount of lessons and five years later that someone special can perform beautiful pieces of music unaided with the correct piano techniques.

Friends Talking About Gifting A Grand Piano

Gifting a Grand or Upright Piano

Giving that someone special in your life with an upright or grand piano makes a perfect gift, however its impossible to put under the tree and hide, so you can either buy one for them in advance or surprise them with a photo with a delivery date written on the back in a nice envelope, but whatever you decide, pianos are fine Christmas presents.

Amh Piano Tuning Gift Card

Going the Extra Mile with a Piano Tuning Voucher

If you’re buying a 2nd hand piano for them from a private seller then chances are it will need tuning, so ensure you purchase them a piano tuning service otherwise, they are going to be out of pocket with their gift, it is like giving someone a car for Christmas with an expired MOT. If you’re not sure about buying a new or used piano, then please check out our guide on Which Buy? New or Used Piano? article.

At AMH Pianos Services London we provide professional tuning services for all types of pianos, and we will ensure that your loved one is well looked after. We will come around to their house, or yours, at a time that suits you and tune the piano to the very best concert grade tuning, so it sounds absolutely amazing.

We sell Piano Tuning gift card vouchers so if please get in touch and we will get one printed out for you, and send it out. Please call us on 07500 661581 to ensure that you receive the gift card before Christmas. Please note the price in the picture is variable and could cost you less, or slightly more.

Other Gift Ideas

So, you don’t want to buy a piano, a piano lesson, or tuning, then what else is there? Give the gift of music, this may seem obvious, but often it is overlooked. Dedicated musicians buy music a lot; however, this can be a costly hobby, especially if the musicians like to keep up to date the latest releases by, finding out what they would like and buying s CD, vinyl or and digital pieces of music.

Clothing with their favourite artist, musician on is another great gift idea. There is a range of musical clothing out there from cuff-links shaped as pianos to official t-shirts.

Concert tickets are a great idea if their favourite band is coming to hold a concert once restrictions are lifted. There are some alternatives online, some artists have been performing virtually. Once you are at the concert or online looking at various alternatives, you have memorabilia and merchandise to gift.