AMH: The 2021 London Marathon


2020 London Marathon

The Managing Director of AMH Pianos Services London is seeking your assistance with charity support. Andy Howard and his wonderful wife, Lucy, both live with registered blindness. Andrew’s family frequently visits the Lion Swimming Club with their two-year-old daughter, Evie.

As you know, young children require someone to watch them at all times. While this may come naturally to many parents, the Howard family faces unique challenges in this regard. Fortunately, the dedicated team at Lion Swimming Club is well-versed in assisting individuals with impairments and disabilities, and they excel in providing vigilant care for their cherished daughter.

The Lion Swimming Club Charity welcomes individuals of all ages who have a permanent physical, learning, mental, or sensory disability. In my hometown of London Borough of Greenwich they maintain family pools and organise numerous spa and pool sessions at different times throughout the week.

The Lion Swimming Club, and especially Andrew, relies on your support. By donating to Andy’s 2021 London Marathon Run, you can actively contribute to raising funds for his swimming club, thereby enhancing the quality of life for many individuals in the local community.

Furthermore, if you want to support his cause, simply click the donation button below. This action will redirect you to the official Virgin Money Giving page for the 2021 London Marathon Run. Rest assured, all payments are secure, and we deeply value contributions of any size.