The Seat of Learning: Piano Tuning


Closeup Hand Playing Chords On Piano In Black And White

On a typical day in London, my piano tuning, and full-scale piano repair work takes me to some exciting places around the city, right from South Bromley and the southern edges of the capital, to Temple Fortune towards the far north, and from everywhere in between.

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Royal National College

While every service job always adds experience to my skillset, experience and practise should never be taken for granted by anyone. I always think back to my time at The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) in Hereford and the importance of formal learning about my craft. A specially tailored classroom, focusing on a skill or specific subject, can add character, discipline, and life-long transferrable skills to one’s toolkit, in turn leading to a more enhanced experience when doing what we do.

My years at the RNC have allowed me to gain a specialised craft, gain valuable insights into the industry, and consequently, earn a livelihood. During work hours, I always tend to encounter a wide range of students from all backgrounds, subjects, and institutions dotted across London. There are plenty of world-class universities and specialist colleges throughout the city, making the capital perhaps one of the largest student populations anywhere in the world.

The Crick Institute And Kings Cross Station In The Background On An Overcast Wet Day London

Other London Institutions

A collection of young, bright, and eager minds often embarking on challenging academic disciplines, possibly away from home or even their country for the very first time, appears to be taking on the world. These young people, whether studying at top-rated universities like University College London or Imperial College, or at a specialist institution such as the Royal Academy of Music or RADA, will be our future doctors, engineers, service providers, and world leaders.

Thousands Of Sparks Going In All Directions

London’s Brightest Sparks

A competitive city such as London will always attract the sharpest, brightest young minds, with the promise of a better life for them and their families. Whatever the discipline, one must never discount the value of top-quality education and the struggle to improve one’s own wisdom and knowledge. Whether I am boarding a train at or performing instrument relocation around one of the student halls of residence near Chester Place, these young and dynamic students always seem to have bright ideas, ambition, and interesting thought patterns.

They make great conversationalists, full of aspirations and optimism. Despite all the stories and negative press around student life, the growing student debt, and acts of decadence, one cannot help wondering how many of these generously paying customers for our city’s economy would gain plaudits in the media for studying all night, conducting innovative research, contributing to charities and causes, living away from home comforts for the very first time in the face of adversity, or just learning the best way to balance demands and expectations in the fast-paced world we inhabit.

Tower Bridge London On A Sunny Summer Afternoon

Falling under the Spell of Sensationalism

Sometimes, it is just too easy to fall under the spell of sensationalism based on other people’s expense, is it not? So at the beginning of a sunny spell, here is to all the students, from Colindale to Croydon. Here is hoping that the sun always shines on your creativity, boldness, and future success. After all, we will all be dependent on your work for decades to come. Make us proud!

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