The Costs of Hiring a Piano Tuner


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Piano Tuners Vary in Quality

No merchant offers their produce at the same price as another, just like when you go to the market to buy commodities. They all have their quotations, which depend on many variables. Similarly, the cost of piano tuning varies depending on the tuner. It also depends on certain variables.

These variables include:

The Skill of the Tuner

If a piano tuner is very skilled, he or she is in high demand and will most likely charge far more than a tuner who barely understands what they are doing and charges whatever and moves on. A skilled piano tuner can accurately and precisely tune each string of the piano to the correct pitch. This results in a harmonious and balanced sound across all keys. Some highly skilled piano tuners can even tune pianos entirely by ear, without relying on electronic tuning devices. This traditional method requires a finely tuned sense of pitch and a deep understanding of how piano harmonics work. Tuners who can perform this method effectively often command higher fees due to their advanced skills.

The Distance of Tuner and your Piano

Piano tuners often factor in travel costs when determining their service charges. If a piano tuner has to travel a long distance to tune your piano, your cost may be slightly higher because he or she has to recover the amount used to travel to and fro and also the time that was used on your project alone.
Longer distances might require more travel time, which can limit the number of appointments a piano tuner can schedule in a day. This could potentially lead to higher service charges to compensate for the reduced number of appointments they can fit into their schedule.

The Location of the Tuner

The cost of services for the majority of businesses throughout the country will vary from region to region. This is because the cost of living varies, mostly affected by the cost of the housing market. As a result, services in the South are likely to be more expensive than services in the North of the United Kingdom. Consequently, this is one of several variables to consider, and there isn’t necessarily an industry-defined pricing for tuning.

However, that said, you should obtain multiple quotations to ensure that tuning your piano is not ridiculously out of proportion when compared to others; this includes both high and low prices. Extremely low prices are often too good to be true, and you should proceed with caution.

The Experience of the Tuner

The experience of the piano tuner is another variable that determines how much one has to spend to get their piano tuned. The more experience the tuner has, the higher the cost. The lower the experience of the piano tuner, the lower the cost of tuning it. Piano tuners with a long-standing reputation for quality work and positive customer feedback tend to charge higher rates. Years of experience demonstrate a commitment to the craft and an ability to consistently deliver good results.

Age of the Piano

The age of the piano is a huge factor in determining the cost to be charged for piano tuning. If the piano is a bit old, it requires more work, and as a result, the cost of tuning increases. If the piano is new, however, it only requires a little touch-up, and therefore the cost will be considerably lower.

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The cost of piano tuning varies greatly based on diverse factors. It is essential to ask the tuner before the work begins. If you require a piano tuner in London, then please visit our piano tuning page for our full and transparent rates.

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