The Cold Blues of London Winters


People In The City Of London On A Cold And Snowy Day

It has been quite an eventful winter, both for AMH Pianos Services London as well as for everyone else in London. The Met Office classifies seasons either based on the Astronomical shifting of the Earth’s axes, or on the meteorological shifting of the temperature patterns. The Astronomical shifts are relatively constant, which, therefore, makes the temperature shift based seasons more interesting to study. Having recently seen a Flag of London – yes there is a flag belonging to the City of London, on a freezing and rainy day, I, like my fellow Londoners, could not wait for warmer times, brighter days and sweet sunshine.

According to the Met Office, the end of the winter is scheduled to be on the 29th of Feb. Now that we have passed Christmas welcomed 2016 in Conventional, Orthodox and Chinese varieties, and even experienced the full force of love on Valentine’s Day, it is time for outdoor fun, be it picnics in Hyde Park, a trip to Kew Gardens, or even some shopping around Shepherd’s Bush.

A Tree In Spring In The Area Of Hyde Park London

Spring and Summer Bring Longer Days

The longer days also mean more tourists, more running and more outdoor musical events. Yet, one cannot feel a tinge of sadness at the passing of perhaps the season that the UK is designed for. We celebrate the spring and summer in so many extravagant ways: most of our sports, school holidays, events such as the Chelsea Flower Show, the Proms, or the Notting Hill Carnival, are all geared to appreciate weather that Britain is just not programmed for.

A Wet And Cold Day In London With Buildings And Red Buses In The Background

The UK is a Cold Country

Whatever the weathermen say, we are still a cold country, where we build snow figures, wear anoraks and carry umbrellas, long for a hot bath, whilst cuddling up in our warm duvets by the fire at night. Anyone of these activities is quite easily referred to by our culture as creature comforts. Yet as people, there must be something missing in the bleak mid-winter that the woolly jumpers, winter warmers and season of Santa Claus just doesn’t generate the same excitement.

Piano Tuning Lever

My Piano Tuning Tools

So as I walk with my tools for tuning pianos, I would spare one last thought for the beautiful, comfortable winter. I will do that extra yard of warm-up exercise, shield myself from that cold that one last time, and adorn my warm jumper with pride, while sparing a thought to the leap year day, when the seasonal blues end. I say to you oh glorious winter: thanks for the memories, and see you again soon!