The Christmas Filled Winter Tones


Christmas Greetings From Amh

London Shoppers

Everywhere you turn in London within this present time, you can see happy shoppers, excited kids, grown men dressed as Santa and a general busy feel to the streets filled with shops. This could mean one thing – it is the run-up to Christmas, the most magical time of the year. Every year we have new artists who release their versions of Christmas albums in hope to be the Christmas number one and always placing in the UK Top 40 Musical Charts.

The music scene has certainly evolved over the last few decades with the classically themed 1930’s Christmas tunes giving way to Jazz in the 1950s, Swing and Big Band in the 1960s, which led to Rock & Roll, finally culminating in Electronic Techno by the mid to late ’80s.

I would ask myself a simple question: what is next?

Whilst one cannot criticise shifting tastes and the artist’s creativity, I feel somewhat aggrieved that the simple magical stylings, so rich in creativity appear mostly absent from the Christmas soundscape as happy shoppers surround me with their shopping bags and festive mood.

Whilst new and innovative styles of music, such as Rap, R & B, DubStep and Drum & Bass, make up our yearlong listening, why do they remain mostly absent from our Christmas music? More pertinently, why have recording artists not been capitalising on this rather glaring omission?

Excitement in 2003

You may want to call me old-fashioned, or perhaps not entirely down with the kids, but I was rather excited when in 2003, the Darkness released an excellent Christmas song that nearly made the Christmas Number One. I’m certainly not criticising any of the 80’s music either, since those artists did a fantastic job back at the time that has stood the test of nearly two decades and still going strong.

I am just trying to make a simple point about the perennial lack of new music and innovation around this joyous and festive time. Furthermore, it feels like there are dilution and loss of the beautiful values and traditions that make Christmas a time for peace, love and togetherness.

Christian Traditions

It’s the right values that create a great society and beautiful people whilst the underlying Christian traditions behind Christmas have been replaced mainly with our society’s overemphasis on commercialisation, is there a direct correlation between the simple creation of the seasoned professional musicians and its replacement with ‘X factor’ like the instant gratification of novices craving 15 minutes of fame?

I love a good simple melody which despite its simplicity, oozes style, warmth and creativity, and can be quickly hammered out on a lovely grand piano.

Enjoy your Christmas

Have you listened to a good Christmas tune lately? What are your favourite Christmas memories or melodies?
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Have a great Christmas and very best wishes for the Holiday from everyone at AMH Pianos Services London.