Street Pianos in London


Upright Piano With Hammers And Tuning Pins Visible

I travel across the city often, and I enjoy coming across interesting things that make me smile. While offering piano services in Herne Hill, I encountered a Street Piano at the Herne Hill Station. My interest in the concept grew upon discovering the presence of numerous pianos throughout the city.

Boying Playing A Play Me Im Yours White Grand Piano

Play Me, I’m Yours

The Play Me, I’m Yours project, initiated by UK artist Luke Jerram, in 2008, has achieved international prominence. Over 70 cities worldwide, including New York and London, now host more than 1900 street pianos have now been installed each featuring the straightforward invitation, Play Me, I’m Yours.

Aerial View On Thames And London City

The Anniversary for the City of London

In 2012, the City of London Festival marked its golden anniversary by organising a grand-scale event featuring the installation of 50 golden street pianos at various London landmarks and beauty spots. Across cities such as London, numerous fully functional second-hand pianos are discarded annually. Luke Jerram addresses this by annually relocating dozens of these pianos to countries where the instrument is scarce and holds greater cultural value, providing the public with an opportunity to appreciate them.

Red Upright Street Piano Being Played By A Lady Outside Starbucks And The Sony Center

Donating Pianos for Good Causes

Many of the pianos were donated to charitable causes after the presentation concluded. However, a few remain accessible for play, with three at Chester Place International Station, two at Canary Wharf, and one at Herne Hill Railway Station. The specific piano I encountered is situated in the underpass near Herne Hill Railway Station, just off Railton Road. Local residents are currently overseeing its maintenance. Note that the piano is secured at night, allowing for play only during the daytime.

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