Running for Metro Blind Sports


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This year, 2016, I am running the London Marathon for Metro Blind Sport. The charity has been set up to support both Blind and Partially sighted people, to stay active and engage in sporting activities.

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Fitness for Those With Impaired Vision

Should you be losing your vision, or have had long term sight loss, sport is something we should not miss out on. It boosts physical fitness, increases confidence and mobility, reduces health risks, and even raises life expectancy.

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Metro Blind Sports

Wherever in London, you might be, from Greenford to Stratford, from Brent Cross to Bexley, regardless of your skill level or ability, Metro Blind Sports offers plenty for everyone to maintain a good quality of life for individuals who may be otherwise left isolated and at serious health risks. The charity is mainly run by Blind and Partially Sighted people, offering a full range of sport from Blind Tennis, Football, Cricket, Swimming, Skiing, and a complete range of athletics.

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Sponsoring My 2016 London Marathon Run

Should you be interested in sponsoring my Marathon run, or if you might be considering volunteering to help at events, please take a look at the Virgin Giving page and/or Metro Blind Sports website. Your support and generosity are indeed much obliged with special thanks. Please make a donation by clicking the big donate button below.

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Blog and Social Media Updates

I will be posting updates of my progress until the actual Marathon day, via Twitter and via the blog. If you wish to remain informed about my progress, then the best way is to follow me on Twitter. It is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to run for Metro Blind Sports, I hope we will be able to raise some funds for this beautiful, and much appreciated important cause.