Piano Tuning in the Magic Kingdom


Close Up Of White And Black Keys On A Brown Upright Piano

On one of my regular Piano Tuning customers, I passed through the barriers at what is now known as Chester Place, nothing much unusual about this journey, since I use the station routinely. However, in my day-to-day coverage across London, it does not even occur to me that close to the Disabled Access Point, our favourite friends Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione had boarded the Hogwarts Express.

From the station’s interior, right along Chester Place, the magnificent Victorian infrastructure has many sights to admire and includes plenty of locations where the various films have been shot. This is also the location where J.K. Rowling’s parents had first met. Strangers walked past me, carrying goodies and even wearing hoodies, from the Harry Potter Shop, and I did wonder, if only for a moment, as to what it might have been like servicing instruments in the magic kingdom. No people! I am not talking about Harry Potter World, which you can actually get to from Kings Cross on the train.

I meant all the places where the film locations exist, such as the real Diagon Alley near Temple, or the iconic Craven Street: the street that inspired Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol (Cannon Street, or even the walk from the Lambeth Bridge to the Westminster Underground.

Headphones With A Gift Between The Ear Peices

Gift of Music

Bringing the gift of music to so many, even for a brief moment, seemed full of mystery and intrigue, and who knew that London allows you so many chances to even go on a little treasure hunt without putting your hand in your pocket.

London Marathon 2019

The London Marathon

Now that the day of the London Marathon is approaching, it occurs to me, whether or not, I might be able to do a treasure run, whereby I could enjoy a popular trail whilst getting fit and ready at the same time. Where should I start? I mean, what would be the safest, most exciting route from, say, Greenwich, which ends at the famous Sherlock Holmes Pub?

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