Checking Piano Technicians Qualifications and ID


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Owning a piano can be one of life’s pure luxuries and can bring ultimate enjoyment to the house. Just like all musical instruments, the more it gets played, the quicker it will fall out of tune. When you decide to own an instrument, you must take into consideration that you must keep on top of tuning, repairs and maintenance to keep your piano healthy to enable you to play.

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Piano Specialists

Your piano will need a specialist piano technician to look after you and your instrument to give it a long and joyful life. It is essential, therefore, to do your research on the person that turns up to service your piano. Check that they can provide documentation proving that they are certified to do the work, this will ensure you will be assured of quality service. There are many reasons why you should verify the qualifications of your tuner.

They include the following:

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Checking Ensures Quality Service

If a tuner is a certified practitioner, then he/she has been vetted to take care of your piano. Such measures include a criminal records (DBS) check, as well as membership of industry organisations. Professional bodies include The Association of Blind Piano Tuners and the Institute of Musical Instrument Technology.

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Return of Investment

Once you have ensured that your tuner is bona fide, you can relax in the knowledge that you are putting your piano into capable hands. Entrusting your priceless instrument into the wrong hands would be a waste of money; it would also put your initial investment at risk. You need to rest assured that the expert will do what he/she is trained to do, to give you the best tunes on your piano, which may be worth just about anything in the whole wide world.

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Your Safety is Important

It is always good to verify the qualifications and identities of service providers that we allow into our homes. Skilled professionals, as a matter of pride, would always aim to provide you with value for money. They will also ensure that work is carried out safely and expeditiously with the person having the appropriate insurance cover.

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In 2015 it is remarkably easy to obtain information about the person you wish to employ for tuning or repairing your piano. A few minutes of research can save you time, money and hassle in the future.

Update 2020:
A growing number of customers are leaving reviews on the likes of Google, which is a significant trust factor because these reviews are hard to fake because of Google’s algorithm checks for fraudulent activity. Other platforms to check is TrustPilot and Facebook Reviews, but these are not so much trustworthy as reviews submitted to Google (Google Maps).

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