Mays Daze: Celebrations in London


St Jamess Park London

It’s the beginning of what we may regard as the only summer we are going to probably get in the Capital, possibly in the UK. We have been blessed with exceptional weather as of late, which means that it is time to go have a picnic in Hyde Park, chill out at lunch at St. James’s Park, or do a bit of Window shopping around Oxford Street.

On a good day at the weekend, one may even fancy a boat ride, departing from Embankment, Westminster or Tower Hill piers. It is also the final stretch for the universities, after which hard-working students will get a break for summer. All this amounts to tourists, bustling activity or nights out near Soho, or a gig or two at the O2 Arena near North Greenwich. Music, Wimbledon and longer hours of daylight are what we have to look forward to in our fair city.

Maple Leafs

Lots of Celebrations in May

Life is good for everyone, just like it always has been since the dawn of time, right? May 1st is the Maypole or Maple Day, across Europe, the day is marked with celebrations of Pagan and Christian traditional festivals. May 1st is the official mark of the Pagan Spring and marks roughly the mid-point between the Vernal Equinox (March 21st) and Summer Solstice (June 21st).

Seeger Upright Piano With Tuning Pins On Show

Good Reason to Get Your Piano Tuned

This means there are plenty of reasons for you to have your piano tuned, and AMH Pianos Services London is here to help with anything and everything relating to pianos. Over time, the Roman Republic has celebrated Floralia, the festival of flora, whilst Christian Europe has celebrated Beltane, the festival of fertility, and the Walpurgis Night, the Christian Reformation of the Germanic region to coincide on the day.

Colorful Flowers

Flower Displays

In cosmopolitan London, we had bonfires, Maypole Dancing and even some spectacular flower displays. I even learnt that in Northern Europe, it is a day when women would leave a rose on their admirer’s doorstep, where they may/may not reveal their own identity to the object of their affections. Over time though, this day has become more synonymous with the labour movement and symbolises the struggle for many workers to have better working conditions, fair pay, reasonable working hours and a two day weekend. We should not forget the fact that many people lost their lives and suffered wrongful imprisonment or unfair treatment for the struggle for human rights and a consequent increase in life expectancy.

I am personally thankful for those improvements, which have allowed me to set up my business, get assistance with challenging tasks, and therefore expand my services to include piano removals, repairs and servicing. We should never forget the need for a fairer world.

A Cosplay Jason From Friday 13th

Friday the 13th

Whilst in May, we also encountered Friday the 13th last week. The concept of bad luck originated with the French Army, whose troops marched over a hanging bridge in unison, causing the bridge to collapse at the resonant frequency. However, we have now attributed the day to all things lousy luck, scary or even intensely creepy. Whilst luck is essential, my final thoughts in this piece are that it takes a lot more than luck to succeed in life, or at whatever you do.

Hard work, resilience, honesty, a positive and friendly attitude, and a commitment to improvement are all qualities more akin to Maypole day than Friday the 13th. Did you face any bad luck, or even good luck, contrary to the expected trends of Friday the 13th? Do you have any favourite melodies for May? Please feel free to discuss in the comments. AMH Pianos Services London wish you all lots of good luck!

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