Loving through the Heart of London


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Valentine’s day has been and gone for another year. We gave flowers and exchanged gifts, drank Champagne, ate chocolates, munched strawberries, and even made that someone feel special with our love and affection. Or maybe, we found creative ways to overcome our commercially enhanced sense of loneliness, dreaming of meeting that someone to bring joy and colour in our lives.

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An Expensive Day

Valentine’s Day in London is quite an experience, not just for the average consumer, but even for the various service providers across the city and surrounding areas. Contrary to popular beliefs, the day of love has more on offer than a few cards, trinkets, restaurants and parties. In fact, do you know that a certain WHSmith, started setting up book shops at the various London train stations, with the primary aim of providing single travellers with an opportunity to buy a romance novel or two for reading during travel?

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It’s Not All About Money

Most of these shops, still to this day, provide that exact same service across London, and the rest of the UK but the expression of love does not have to be all about the money. This is the reason, the variety on offer in London is astounding. It may be a quiet walk hand in hand across Hyde Park, a walk around Soho, or perhaps an art exhibition at the Tate Modern, or the V&A Museum, a leisurely stroll around Regents Park, or window shopping in Oxford Street.

Leicester Square London

Events in Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road

The various events between Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road commemorating the Chinese New Year only provide more excuses to enjoy the great outdoors during the love-filled day. A train company, even went as far as replacing its station stops with Valentine’s Day puns: Legally Barnes for Barnes, Rich (in love) mond for Richmond, HounsLove for Hounslow, Cupid Junction for Clapham Junction, and my favourite: Hampton Courting for Hampton Court.

Festival Flamenco

Flamenco Festival at Sadlers Wells

Still, London being the metropolitan city it is, a very appropriately love themed Angel ushers in the Flamenco Festival at Sadlers Wells which is only yet more opportunity to express your love all through the week.

He who is tired of London is tired of Life..

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Share Your Story

Have you got a story about love in the capital? Did you meet that someone this Feb. 14th? If not, then how did you seek out relief from the hearts and flowers vibe? Why not discuss in the comments? AMH Pianos wishes you a lovely Valentine’s Day and a fantastic rest of 2016 ahead.

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